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Aurora World Inc 8 Nutsie

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Aurora World Inc 8 Nutsie

  • Suitable for any and all ages.
  • Made from the finest quality of materials for lasting love.
  • 8” in size.
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  • Cute, soft… What else is there?!
    It’s cute and soft. I got a fat one! Some of the pictures I see show the squirrel kind of anorexic :-(. Some people may not like the fact that it’s hands (paws) are in a praying position, but it’s ok by me, and I’m sure will be for my 4yr old grandson;-) I bought this along with the Sneaky Snacky Squirrel book and game, and he’s gonna LIVE it! By the way, it’s about the size of a young, not full grown, squirrel.
  • Great squirrel toy for kids!
    It’s slightly smaller than I thought, about real squirrel sized, which is still really cool. It’s ultra soft with cool-to-the-touch fur. It’s a simple toy for a child. This is actually a really good brand for toy animals. The one I typically see in zoo stores.
    The only thing I would say is "wrong" I’d that the nose is off center, but you can only tell when you really look at it. But kids aren’t picky, and I assure you they wouldn’t care.
  • still smiling
    George never made it off my desk.I have a very large desk. 3.5"x 6. I took George out of the cellophane to check for problems. No problems. wow..nicely made. I put him down next to the computer. Worked all day..when I glanced around, there he was. Looking right at me. I smiled every time. The little guy is cute. Life is short. Keep things that make you smile . Worth it. I ordered another one…Sam. Sam gets to go to the original recipient.
  • Super cute.
    My daughter is obsessed with squirrels right now, and so I got her this to make her happy. She LOVES it, running around saying how much she likes to hug it. Super cute! She keeps asking to open the hands, but there is a stitch holding them together I don’t want to take out.
  • Good quality, right size, received soon!
    This was fantastic! We bought this little squirrel to hide in our tree, to simulate the Christmas Vacation scene from the movie. It was small enough to fit the was we wanted it to. We all got . A big laugh!!
  • Auntie Squirrel says:
    I purchased this toy for my great niece (20 months & sharp as a tack) after she spent several days with us. She fell in love with the squirrels that we have around our yard and got into the habit of feeding them peanuts every day. Although we did not allow her to get too close to them, she certainly did enjoy filling the bowl with the nuts and waiting for the squirrels to arrive and run off with some of the peanuts and stay near to eat others. They did put on quite a show for her. After she left I called and spoke to her grandmother on the phone and she said that Illyauna just couldn’t talk enough about the squirrels that she saw at Auntie Squirrel’s place. She has the toy by her side at all times and puts peanuts in it’s hands. The toy is great, a valuable learning tool, and has piqued the child’s interest in other creatures out doors. It is soft and safe and easy for those little hands to carry around. Just a cool, inexpensive gift for an adventurous little one.
  • Gotta love this squirrel
    This little red squirrel is really wonderful. It’s a little bigger than the hedgehog or chipmunk, but no matter. It’s plush and the tail is long and fluffy, and it really looks like a real squirrel. It’s great for children to notice differences in all the different animals and then go outside to observe nature. Be sure to read the book "Last Child in the Woods." Go exploring outdoors with your children. I volunteer at a nature center and go on hikes with children in the woods and fields in Minnesota. They have so much curiosity. Gotta love that!
  • At last!! A ginger squirrel❤️✝!!!!!
    The young couple I bought it for have an inside joke about a ginger squirrel. I have been hunting but only found red fox and grey or brown squirrels. Then I saw it and just HAD to get it. It was practically overnight, it came so fast and they just love it! It’s good quality, a little larger than I thought but all in all, it’s perfect
  • Five Stars
    looks great in my Christmas Tree.
  • He will be perfect!
    Such a cute, soft squirrel. I am doing a Beatrix Potter baby shower and using this one as Squirrel Nutkin! He will be perfect!

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