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Bendon 26014 Little Imagine Pictures

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Bendon 26014 Little Imagine Pictures

  • Includes 1 Mess Free Imagine Ink Marker to reveal a rainbow of colors
  • 24 pages of games and activities in a size that’s perfect for travel
  • Designed to be used with the included Imagine Ink Marker, a clear marker that will not visibly mark most other items
  • Officially licensed product
  • Ideal for ages 3 and up
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  • Great Mess-Free Activity for 3+
    We love the Imagine Ink books for car rides and restaurants as there is NO MESS!! They will see the child through a couple hours of entertainment, and then they are pretty much trash at that point. Once all the pictures have been "revealed" there’s very little interest left. I think they’re a bit expensive at $7+, so I usually stock up when they go on sale for $4-$6. My 4.5 year old daughter loves them and has since she was about 3.
  • Nice for younger kids.
    I got this as a stocking stuffer for my 3 year old daughter at Christmas. She loves this book. The only problem is that she loved it so much that she "colored" the whole book in a couple of days. I like that the marker doesn’t get on my daughter, or her clothes, or the carpet! I think for a 3 year old it is good because it makes them feel good about themselves being able to color a picture and "stay in the lines". I don’t think an older child would like it. One of the drawbacks for older kids is that the pen just activates the colors that are already on the pages. So they can’t be creative and pick which colors they want to use. Overall, I think it was good for my daughter.
  • Colorful simple fun
    These books are great for my 3 year old. She’s not quite at the point of coloring in the lines with normal coloring books, so these books let her scribble in the general areas (now I’m coloring her dress!) and watch the right colors appear. The colors develop pretty quickly and are bright and relatively accurate for whatever you’re coloring. There’s only one marker to use and it doesn’t make a mess, so again perfect for a toddler. My daughter doesn’t really understand the mazes and word games but is still happy to color them in and they’d be fun for older kids. If I had to nitpick, I’d say the books are slightly expensive for the size/number of pages, but they’re still an ok deal for something a little different from the usual coloring books.
  • Mess-free and keeps young ones occupied
    I have 2 daughters, almost 4 and just turned 2. They both LOVE this ink book. It’s colorful, keeps their attention, mess free for them and Mom, so I’m ordering 2 more because they are almost done with both of them in a week and a half (gets rotated with other toys and activities of course). The 2 year old doesn’t really know the ponies as much but just really likes the coloring part.
  • Great Plane Activitiy Wonderful for those temped to color their entire world!
    These are really fun for my 2 year old. Great for any outing where they want to color but you don’t want them to color on anything around them Worked really well for the plane. My son colored the pages and inevitably tried to color the tray table as well. Luckily the pen is non-marking so it worked out well. The pages have lots of space that needs coloring so you get a lot of use out of them. Very satisfied I can see us using these at restaurants, car trips as well as planes.
  • Our toddler loves Thomas and mommy loves the no-mess drawing
    Our 2 year old son is a Thomas the Train fan, so when we go to restaurants, or public events where he needs to sit for a bit, we give him this and he just loves it. It keeps him entertained while not making a mess. I love the fact that the ink only shows on the paper, so if it gets rubbed on the table or on his clothes, it just looks wet and dries out with no mess of colors.

    Great find! Found one at a local pharmacy and bought it too, so that we have one more for the future.

  • Great for Keeping the 3+ Crowd Occupied
    Love all of the Imagine Ink books. I try to stock up when they are on sale for $4-$6. Anything $7+ is too much. They will give a few hours of MESS-FREE fun in the car or at a restaurant. Once all the images are "revealed", the book loses interest and becomes trash.
  • Great book
    My daughter loves these magic marker surprise books. She calls them surprise b/c you never know which color will come out until you color with the white magic pen. She’s enjoying it very much which makes me happy. Although, I will say I thought it was quite expensive for a small book. I paid $7 I guess it’s the little pony theme I’m paying for. I had purchased one at our local store for less than $3. If price comes down I will order again.
  • Seems great!
    We purchased this for a gift so I can’t say how it works but this looks really cute! The pages inside are paper so it’s not like the pads that use a water pen.
  • Mess free coloring for the win!
    My toddlers love these. Great for road trips or to keep them occupied during church. We have owned several of these and they really enjoy them. I like that they can’t make a mess on furniture or other items with the special marker so I feel good about letting them create and not have to worry.

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