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Betheaces Soccer Football Outdoor Children

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Betheaces Soccer Football Outdoor Children

  • Set Pack & Non-Toxic Plastic
  • Item can be shipped within U.S.
  • Safe game with endless fun — with 2 portable goals(19*10*10in).it’s like building a soccer field at home. More interesting than single soccer toy. Your kids can play it like a real soccer activities with his/her friends. Betheaces hover ball sets are all made of premium and toxic-free materials. Not only no harm to kids but also with quality foam bumper which serving as protection against hitting walls or furniture and creates good rebound for hours of fun. Intended for ages up 3 years.
  • Durable LED hover soccer — you can kick it like a real soccer ball, not just a toy! you can turn any floor into an air hockey/soccer surface, perfectly at home on wood, linoleum, polished concrete, and even low-pile carpet. The hovering distance of Betheaces brand disk is higher and quality is more reliable. It also has colored light on ball surface with button, making your night game wonderful. Must be powered by 4 “AA” batteries (not included).
  • Glide function with modest size — with the modest size, neither too big nor too little. More suitable for multiplayer game. Play by yourself or grab a friend or two! The air power soccer disk will provide hours of dynamic high-tech soccer action.
  • Perfect for parties and gift — fit for Christmas, Birthday parties, Weddings, kindergartens, playground, pet parks, pool gatherings, picnics, etc. The best choice for kids birthday gift or Christmas gift.
  • 100% satisfaction — Betheaces strongly stands behind each item It designs and Sells. Each product we sell has passed a rigorous testing and certification process before landing at your door. Each product is backed with a one-year and 100% satisfaction .
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  • A very fun game, for kids, friends and family!
    I just recently purchased this Air Power Soccer Game. It is absolutely a blast to play with! I invited some friends over for drinks and instantly the soccer game became a topic in everyone’s conversation! We play with the for hours on end, before leaving to go out for dinner. A big thanks goes out to Bonwayer and Amazon!
  • Fun for all ages!
    This hovering soccer ball was a huge hit with my kids! The older ones (5 and 8) spent 30 minutes laughing and chasing each other up and down the hallway playing a great game of soccer. When the 2 year old wanted to join, all three sat down on the floor and played pass back and forth. Everyone loved it!

    Unboxing and setup was quick and simple (10 minutes). The end of the box shows instructions to assemble the goals. There’s even a screwdriver included to open up the compartment for the 4AA batteries.

    The toy has a foam ring around the outside to add a little cushion when kicking or hitting up against the walls. It also has two switches. One for air and one for lights. We used both the air and lights. When the air is on, the device makes some noise. I’d say it’s equivalent to a hairdryer on low setting. We used it for well over an hour and the batteries are still going strong. I can’t say yet how long the batteries will last as we haven’t run through them yet.

    We used it on our hardwood floors and on our tile floors. IT worked great on both, better on the hardwood.

    This thing gets a good beating with kids kicking it and stepping on it and running it into the walls. So far it’s held up well and is working just as great as out of the box!

  • A Really Fun Indoor Hover Soccer Set
    This is a review for Betheaces Kids Toys, Soccer Goal Set Hover Football with 2 Gates,Toy for Boys/Girls Age of 2, 3, 4,5,6,7,8-16 Year Old, Children Gifts Sports Air Ball Indoor Outdoor Game with LED Lights.

    We have been having the worst Spring weather that I can remember. And, my kids have WAY TOO MUCH energy and can’t go outside to run around and have fun. So, I ordered the Betheaces Soccer Goal Set.

    It was the right choice! First, it is easy to put together. The goals clip together easily, so it doesn’t take more than three or four minutes to set up the goals. Second, the hover ball is easy to kick, brightly lit, and doesn’t flip over. It says on the package that it works best on smooth surfaces. This is probably right, but I don’t have a large area for an indoor soccer match that isn’t carpeted. As you can see on the attached picture, my kids and their friends played on a carpeted floor. It worked great! Of note, the carpet was not shaggy or fluffy; the hover ball may have difficulties on these types of carpets (but certainly not on the one I used). Third, I was surprised by its size. When I think soccer goals, I think something large. At first, I thought it may be too small. After having the kids play with it for a while, I realized it was the right size. It is a mobile set, so it can’t be too heavy. And, when it comes to indoor soccer, having a smaller size is better so as to fit in smaller areas.

    Overall, I was very pleased with this product. My kids were even more pleased.

  • Huge hit with the kids.
    The kids love it and play with it all the time. Goals are provided in what seems to be a LOT of parts – and they are – be patient. Put batteries in the ‘ball’ first and let your children have fun with it while you assemble the goals. Hint – bring glue – do it once and be done with it. That will also refuc the number of potential choking hazards to the little ones you’re NOT watching while the older children are playing with the ‘ball’.
    Speaking off the ball – it’s great – best on hard surfaces and the performance (speed and glide ability) will drop off with thicker medium (carpet pile height) and reduction in battery strength.
    Note that it comes from China – so your delivery time will be somewhat protracted.
  • Highly recommended! Great fidget “toy”
    These are great
    Exactly as described and actually they were better then I had anticipated.

    I like the size, I had worried that they would feel bulky or too big for a comfort hold and an anxiety distraction…
    I always hold something in my hand and it usually was tissue but this is 100 times better for either just holding or fidgeting.

    The quality is great and you can tell the difference with the cheaper product. These are perfect.

  • Incredible toy for the money! Hours of fun!
    I bought this as a last minute Christmas present for my 13 year old son. It looked like it might be a fun toy to play on our hardwood floors. It ended up being the toy he played with right away. Easy set up and such a fun toy for the money. I ordered an extra disc because our dog loved it too (chasing it)!
  • I love that it’s quiet
    This product is well worth the money! I bought this as a stocking stuffer for my 14 year old daughter who has ADHD and definitely needs something to fidget with while she is concentrating, she has been non-stop with it ever since. I love that it’s quiet! My husband has also had one in his hand since Christmas as well, much more pleasant than his jingling of pocket change or twirling his ring obsessively to fidget! Wish they had these years ago!
  • It’s surprisedly indoor fun toy for sure!
    This Hover Ball is really cool. It glided easily over our hardwood floor and ceramic tile kitchen floor. It bounces off walls easily and makes no marks on the wall. The LED lights also make it more attractive to the kids. it’s also very easy to set up the goal gate. A inflatable soccer and a small pump come with this package too. Kids can pump air by themselves without adult. It’s surprisedly indoor fun toy for kids for sure.
  • Great for kids!
    This hovering soccer set was a hit! The kids loved it and even got to put it together all by themselves. It’s easy to assemble and comes with very clear instructions. This little kit is the perfect compromise between me and the kids, I always have to tell them not to kick the soccer ball around in the house, it drives my wife crazy! But with this there’s a cushioned bumper around it and it just bounces right off without doing any damage. It’s really a life saver!
  • but fine. Bigger kids and adults liked it too
    Was surprised how big the toy was. Nets aren’t much bigger than toy,but fine. Bigger kids and adults liked it too. You don’t have to kick it very hard to make it move , just hovers really nice. Nice for smaller kids that they can just kick it a little and it goes. Lights are great. It does make a little noise,but not bad.

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