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DOUBLE Remote Control Monster Crawler

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DOUBLE Remote Control Monster Crawler

  • Realistic Off-road Buggy Looks:With 1:12 scale detailed design, simulated cool front lights provide a super realistic driving experience for kids
  • All terrain RC car:This rc car with 4 wheel drive, front and rear dual motors provide strong power torque to move on any terrain easily and stably
  • Effective Shock Absorbing:This DOUBLE E Rc Truck comes with four suspension springs,to prevent damages caused by the vibration effectively,better protect the electronic components in the toy
  • Ready to Run:This RC Truck Equipped with a high capacity rechargeable 6V 800 mAh battery pack for a long life performance.All you need to get started are 3 AA batteries for the transmitter!Please Note:Don’t use the charging head or power bank with output voltage exceeding 5v
  • Superior Control Experience:With a range of up to 260 feet and highly responsive steering and throttle, the ergonomic transmitter with 2.4 GHz Control System ensures superior control
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  • Pretty much climbs anything.

    1. Climbs over pretty much anything around 6 inches and lower. The speed is not super fast, but climbs really good.
    2. All four tires go at same speed and pretty much go on any terrain.
    3. My son likes to make it do flips. It will climb a vertical wall and flip the truck a few times.
    4. Motors are pretty strong for what they are.
    5. Price: 49.99 – not a bad price for what you get.
    6. Independent suspension seems to work pretty well.

    1. Front wheels face in (toe in). Doesn’t look the best but doesn’t affect function.
    2. Battery last about 20-30 of continuous play. Takes a few hours to charge. Recommend getting a second battery. If truck is left on without play, it drains the battery within a day. To make battery last longer, place truck in off position between plays times.

  • Tackles cold temps and rough terrain
    I bought this for my 8yr old grandson for Christmas. He loves it! He took it outside and it went through snow and rough terrain just like I’d hoped. I was worried about it operating in the frigid Wisconsin temps – it was 4 below zero that day – but it had no issues with the cold weather.
  • Fun for the 5 year old – but not as durable as it seems
    I’m giving this a 5 star review on the promise of the excellent customer service I hope to receive per option included for an extra battery pack. This toy was purchased for my 5 year old grandson’s birthday. The Truck started out Great- then the kids took it down the deck stair, just one, standard height (mind you bought on the intention of being able to ‘rock crawl’) and the battery panel that holds the battery pack in cracked. The toy still works but we had to tape the battery pack to the underneath. Also, after a a few more runs around the yard (mostly grass) the car no longer turns left. On the promise of this being a ‘Rock Crawler 4wd’ RC car – I’m only a bit impressed and would give it 3 stars as my grandson still loves it and is playing with it. Lastly the back tires keep coming off the rim. I again, can fix it, but it happens frequently.
  • This is the best remote control vehicle for the money that I have …
    This is the best remote control vehicle for the money that I have ever bought. My son (4 yrs old) and daughter (8 yrs old) cant’t put the remote down. I almost need to buy a second one to to help settle down the sibling quarrels, lol. Sine we got the remote control vehicle they ripped open the box and we charged it and they haven’t stopped since. I am impressed with it’s ability to climb things and even do flips. We run it into the fence and the garage door and it will do flip after flip. My kids keep running around finding things they can drive it off of. I can’t say enough good things about this remote control vehicle for the price. I bought a different one for a tad cheaper and it didn’t work worth a hill of beans, it wouldn’t even go thru the grass.
  • great power, and easy to use for kids!
    These things are really cool. the kids loved them. they aren’t super fast but they are really good for kids. very stable, steers straight. and the power! we live in florida and have thick tall grass, this thing has no problem. it can literally climb up a single step from one landing of our house to another. great product! works so good we literally bought two.
  • My son says this is the BEST truck ever!!!
    My 9yr old bought this with his Amazon GC he got for his bday. We did a lot of research and this seemed to be the beat for the money. It did not disappoint. Recieved it in 2 business days and its bigger than I had thought it would be. It was also fully charged. I had to install the battery and use 2 AA for the remote (not a big deal). The tires are grippy and allow for off road driving. My son immediately took it outside and it works even in the tallest grass. Very impressed and would recommend this to anyone.
  • Great gift for Grandson
    Purchased for my grandson’s 7th birthday gift. He is into Monster Trucks. Right out of the box, he started to use it and hasn’t stop using since. He used in on our driveway, on the grass in the back yards, and on our porch. He made it go over rocks, up a hill, and over bags of fertilizer. No problem, the truck performed perfectly. Haven’t been able to get him to put it down. Good product. Very happy with our purchase. Would recommend it.
  • Great for Recovering From Surgery
    We ordered this for my ex husband to aid in his recovery from knee surgery. Reports are that he loves it. His girlfriend straps sandwiches and drinks to it and sends them to him in his easy chair. He is enjoying teasing the dogs with it…there’s a reason he’s an ex…but I’m glad he’s having so much fun with it. He can use it in the house on these rainy days or take it outside while sitting in a chair enjoying nature and run it all over the yard. Not a bad way to spend time while recovering from surgery.
  • Very Fast and Climbs as Advertised!
    I Ordered this for my Son and my daughter got a different Brand that was a little more Expensive. This Truck is IMPRESSIVE!! It was cheaper and goes 2x as fast and climbs better then the one I paid 40$ more for. My son loves this as much as I do. I try to play with it when hes sleeping and charge the other battery so he doesn’t know Dad has been messing with it. Don’t hesitate to buy this over other Brands as this one MOVES!!!DOUBLE E RC Rock Crawler 4WD Dual Motors Rechargeable Remote Control Truck Off Road RC Car
  • Well built, it really goes and is lots of fun!
    This is a beast! Even if it is on its side you can usually get it upright with the remote. Great birthday gift!

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