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Educational Insights Magic Moves Electronic

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Educational Insights Magic Moves Electronic

  • Magic Moves is all about…MOVIN’! Stomp like an elephant! Soar like an eagle! Exercise little ones’ minds and bodies with this fun interactive wand.
  • Features 90 fun and physical commands, 26 unique twinkling light shows, and a variety of musical styles
  • Helps kids exercise their bodies, creativity, and listening skills. Also helps enrich vocabulary!
  • Wand even includes 5 “surprise” commands like “Freeze” and “Let’s Dance”
  • Winner of the National Parenting Center Seal of Approval, NAPPA Silver Award, Brilliant Sky Brilliance Award, and Parents Magazine Best Toy
  • Great for group activities, parties, physical education, and home use
  • The perfect alternative to lazy electronics time
  • Wand requires 3 AAA batteries (included)
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  • Keeps them active and using their imagination!
    This was a Christmas present for our 3 year old son. Of course he got several toys for Christmas, and this is probably the one that he plays with the most. It’s a fairly simple concept…the microphone gives the child fun commands that they have to follow. I LOVE that it requires kids to use their imagination in fulfilling the commands… Ex: "prowl like a coyote," "run like a rocket" "stomp like a gorilla" etc. I think there are around 90 phrases so you won’t hear the same ones over and over. Another plus is that this also allows them to move and be physically active (which can really help during those long winter months). It also requires them to listen and follow directions. And it’s fun to play alone or with friends (or mom and dad). And if you are a parent wearing a fitbit, playing this with your child can really help you achieve your steps goal!

    All in all it is a great toy that makes them think, keeps them active, and best of all… they have a blast playing with it!

  • Fun entertaining toy,
    Entertaining toy, especially for my son with Angelman Syndrome. It has two buttons and an on off switch. The buttons are for jumping to the next move or repeating the current move. The lights flash with the music.

    The commands are stuff like float like a butterfly, prowl like a cheetah,etc. Sometimes the voice is not that clear and it is hard to figure out what the command is but the vast majority of them are easily understood. Note, there are no sensors in the device to determine whether you are doing the moves correctly like the Wii. It is just a handheld music voice device shaped like a microphone.

    Overall, great toy. My son loves it and so does my two typical daughters.

  • Great gift for our 18 month old and 4 year old granddaughters!
    When I bought this as a Christmas gift for my Granddaughters, I thought it was an okay gift but when I FaceTimed with them, as Christmas approached, I saw my oldest Granddaughter running in circles in the kitchen while I talked with our son on the phone. I knew at that moment that it would be one of their best gifts. She absolutely loved the gift and our youngest g-daughter really liked it too. It was a great gift! The girls loved it and still get a lot of play out of it.
  • Magic indeed!
    My 3-year-old daughter and 16-month-old son both love this toy! Both of my children can operate it easily (I have to turn it on for my son), and it has easily become my son’s favorite toy. He is constantly waving this around and dancing to its tunes. My kids love to play together, but they can easily play alone. It was a lifesaver for us on a long car ride, because the music and lights made it an excellent toy to play with in the dark car. It seems to be very durable since we have dropped it onto our hard floors several times already and it is holding up really well. My only complaint is that some of the phrases are hard to understand, and in the beginning my daughter had to ask me to clarify them fairly often. Regardless, this is still a fantastic toy and a great way to get kids moving!
  • Fantastic Toy
    I have a 1 year old and a two year old and they both love this toy. The lights and sounds delight the 1 year old and my two year old loves to run around and do the actions. A great addition to play time that we can all do together. It has so many commands/phrases that my kids don’t get bored. It allows for so much creative play, and encourages my two year old to listen. I also like that there is a "replay command" button because my daughter definitely has her favorites.
  • A lot of fun
    This was recommended to me by another mom and since it was inexpensive I picked it up. It is a lot of fun for the kids (3 and 7). I also take it to Daisy Scout meetings and they play while we are waiting for everyone to arrive. They all enjoy it. You press the button and it tells you to do different animal like moves – "stomp like an elephant" or "slither like a snake" and it plays some music too. It’s more fun than you would think it would be!
  • One of the most amusing toys I have bought for my kids
    Top toy. The microphone gives short instructions to kids and plays a little tune while they are completing the task . My 4yr old and 9yr old both play together with it. They get plenty of exercise following the instructions and have lots of fun in the process. Bought over 1 yr ago and they are still playing with it – great for a party.
  • Cute toy
    This is a really cute toy and great idea. My 2 year old has fun with it but will only do it for maybe one or two rounds and then switch to something else. It may be better for 3-4 year olds who understand better the different movements. But still a great toy. My daughter loves to shke it around as it lights up and plays music.
  • Great for siblings
    Both my kids (1.5, 4.5) loved this gift. I bought it for the younger one–she found it really fun, but she’s a little young to operate the buttons effectively–she just repeatedly pushes them. She doesn’t care, but just FYI. Both kids love the activities suggested.
  • Good for littles.
    Bought this for our kids for Christmas. The youngest is 3 and she loves to play with it. It’s nice that it has a repeat button so we can hear the suggestion again. Buttons are good for little hands and a small child can hold it with one hand.

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