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Premium Necklaces Extra Diameter Purple

USglow Laboratories is always on the cutting edge of glow product design, and our 22" glow necklaces are no exception. Rather than settling for the industry standard 6mm thick glow necklaces, we redesigned our necklaces to be 7mm in diameter, resulting in 20% more glow liquid and 20% more brightness, while still keeping the same low price. Don't settle for the lesser grade 6mm glow necklaces available elsewhere that will often be older stock, have a high percentage of duds, lesser glow brightness, and shorter glow duration. Only when you buy premium quality USglow Laboratories brand glow products can you rest assured you're receiving the absolute best quality glow products available, guaranteed. All USglow Laboratories glow products are non-toxic, non-heat generating, non-flammable, non-radioactive, certified phthalate free, and designed with safety in mind. These 22" long, 7mm diameter glow necklaces are the perfect addition to any night time event or party.

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36 Strobing Hula Hoop Trance

Your friends,
Electric LifeStylz

New and Improved
Electric LifeStylz presents our new 36" - 24 DragonFly Strobing TRANCE LED hula hoop. The Trance hoop comes with 24 DragonFly LEDS. This hoop comes with 4 Red and 4 Yellow DragonFly Single Strobe LEDs, and 18 Green/Blue/White DragonFly Triple Strobe LEDs!

Rechargeable Battery
Our LED Hula Hoop now comes with a 3.6V RECHARGEABLE Lithium Ion Battery!!!! This will make your experience with your hoop even more enjoyable. Never again will you have to replace your batteries, and spend extra money. The rechargeable battery and charger are included!!!!

New Multi Battery Function
All hoops now come with a 2 AA battery option. This means you can use your rechargeable battery AND when you are forced to charge it, you can temporarily use 2 AA batteries so you are never without your hoop!! This feature is also great for Festivals and other times when you are not near a socket to charge your battery!! Guarantees hooping all the time!

Plug'N'Play Button
The brilliant designers at Electric LifeStylz have once again revolutionized the hooping industry!! IT'S SO SIMPLE! Just place the battery inside your hoop, press down on the push button, and close the hoop!

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Bob the Builder TV Game

Have a young handyman in the house? There are six different activities to choose from when your future construction magnate feels like building. Assemble towers with Lofty or bridges with Roley. Fire up the jackhammer and help Bob dig or take a break and kick up some dust on Scrambler's Run. There's also work to be done on the farm growing sunflowers and tools to be identified by their sounds in the workshop. Bob the Builder has plenty of encouraging words for his young assistants so they're sure to enjoy helping out.

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Field tested and proven effective, 6" ChemLights are easy to use, easy to identify and dispose of during military and federal government operations and trainings. Recommended for shift signals, drop zones, and hazard markers. Perfect for survival, first aid, and evacuation kits. Individually foil-wrapped for light/moisture protection

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Educational Insights Smart Talk Espanol

The Smart Talk Espanol station is used in conjunction with photo card libraries (sold separately) that feature 150 "talking" cards per set, specially programmed and written in Spanish for the Smart Talk Espanol program. Each 5" x 5" card features a full-color photograph on the front and target vocabulary in Spanish and English on the back. The cards can be used with the Smart Talk Espanol station, or by themselves.

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Power Rangers II Plug Play

Play as your favorite Power Ranger in this mind-blowing, five-episode mission to free your captured team of Rangers from Rita Repulsa's perilous prison. Can you right your way to the ultimate moon base showdown? Battle Rita and her thugs in the street for a secret key. Inflict maximum damage on Koragg and his Chillers before he teleports to safety. Avoid the Puffy Patrol and bring General Havoc to his knees. Knock off Rita's henchmen until she unleashes her full power against you. Defeat an army of wicked sidekicks and corner Lord Zedd for the final showdown.

Easy-to-use game hooks directly into your TV, with no game console required. Requires 4 "AA" batteries, not included.

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