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elope Kidss Pink Princess Cone

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elope Kidss Pink Princess Cone
  • Pink velvety material
  • Long tassel at the end
  • One size fits most children
  • Faux velvet
  • Spot clean only
  • Fabric lining
  • Secret pocket w/Fortune
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  • Perfect
    I bought this for my little princess, who was having a Royal Ball at school. She is crazy about all things princess. The hat is perfect. It is adjustable, soft, and so cute! It stands pretty well on its own as long as you round out the top. It can fall, but just lift it up and round out the crease and it’s up again. My older daughter liked it so much that we bought another one for her, too.Read more
    This hat came packaged well, and was in a nice plastic garment bag so there were not stains or tears during shipping. It was a bit squished but with a bit of straightening out it held it’s shape and stood straight up like it was suppose to. My daughter LOVED this little play hat. It’s made of durable soft fuzzy material with little butterflies sewn all over the cone of the hat and the material of the head band is sturdy, shiny metallic, and has batting inside to help it hold the cone up. The train is as pictured, a thin tulle type material with more butterflies placed here and there. This is SO cute and so much fun to play dress up with! It would make a great accessory for a Halloween costume as well. I want to find this in pink too, since that is my daughter’s favorite color. SUPER cute, durable, easy to clean with some fabric spot cleaner spray, and holds up well to many hours of fun play! LOVE!Read more
  • Geat Princess Hat!
    I bought two of these cute little hats for my three year old granddaughters to wear with their Princess costumes – what a perfect accessory! After reading that some had problems with the hat being floppy, I took the plastic the hat was wrapped in stuffed it inside – problem solved! You won’t find anything else like this – just adorable!Read more
  • Great for dress-up and costumes
    We got this for our friends daughter who is 3, she loves to play dress-up and has quite a collection of dress-up clothing. This was perfect for her and she loves it. A good quality stitching and is very durable, not like a lot of the other dress-up cloths you buy these days. Well worth the price.Read more
  • Princess Hat
    I looked EVERYWHERE for this type of hat. This one on Amazon is perfect. My 4 year old granddaughter loves it! It is a bit floppy after much use but I feel I got my monies worth.Read more
  • Elope is the best princess hat for kids Has an adjustable tab on …
    Elope is the best princess hat for kids Has an adjustable tab on the inside to make it fit right. The organza out the top is soft not stiff and cheap. Recommended.Read more
  • Princess Hats
    Both of the hats that I ordered were in perfect condition. I got the hats on time. My two girls loved the hats.Read more
  • The princess cap is cute but floppy
    My daughter loved the way it looked in the picture but the cap was a little limp once it arrived. I think it should have a support in it to keep it on point. We kept it for dress-up but didn’t use it for trick or treat… we got a crown instead.Read more

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