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Exploding Kittens Collectible Plush Tacocat

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Exploding Kittens Collectible Plush Tacocat

  • These adorable plush characters are perfect for any exploding kittens fan!
  • Measuring approximately 7″ and made from soft materials, these exploding kittens collectible plushies are the perfect pals!
  • Collect them all!
  • Includes “unfair advantage” bonus card that can be played with the exploding kittens card game!
  • Collect, play and display!
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  • Cute, Well-Made and Not Expensive
    I have not played Exploding Kittens but I am familiar with the game and I have seen some of the cards. This is the first plush toy I have seen that is based on the game. It’s cute, it includes a bonus card for the game and it appears to be made well.

    This is not a very big plush toy, maybe the size of half a loaf of bread? It’s an all-white cartoony kitten, and it has a 4-color barf rainbow that can be pulled out or rolled up and tucked into the mouth.

    I looked this little guy over and looked for flaws and couldn’t find any. The stitching along the seams is straight, there aren’t any pills or snags, and there are no loose threads hanging out. Overall, it seems to be made of decent materials and is assembled well.

    Finally, it is not particularly expensive.

    This is a cute little accessory if you’re into Exploding Kittens. I brought it to the office and set it up on a coworker’s desk as a gag, and so far he hasn’t mentioned it although it is impossible to miss it. It actually brightens up his work area a little, which is a bonus.

  • Cute and Squishy
    I don’t know what Exploding Kittens are, and I don’t understand the purpose of rainbow vomit, but that’s all beside the point. This cat is adorable! It’s soft and squishy, and I can fully understand my granddaughter’s obsession with Plushies.

    Whether you or your child is into the Exploding Kittens thing or whether you just like soft, squishy stuffed toys, this is perfect.

  • Cute!!
    If you love the game and want to spread the love, get this kitty! My kids enjoy it so much and now they can show their enthusiasm in the rooms or backpacks. This would make a super stocking stuffer or a good gift for. Teen.

    Plush and soft, a great size and the rainbow barf is very neat as it can be stuffed back in or rolled out.

  • What could be better than a plus tacocat?
    You just can’t beat this awesome plus tacocat! It’s adorable, and I have to say that my pup, Enzo, loves exploding kittens! Tacocat is his favorite, as you can see in the photo. I highly recommend this for Exploding Kittens fans!
  • Make Someone Happy
    My sister loved it.
  • Great!!
    I bought this as a gift for my wife. She loves this card game, and quite regularly beats me in it. I thought the little plush would be right up her alley.

    It’s a good size…small, but not tiny, and I like that the rainbow can be stuffed back into it’s mouth. Cool.

    As an added bonus, you get a card to add to your hand when playing the game that comes with the plush. I thought that was a really neat feature…the card even says it’s designed differently, so that everyone playing knows you have an unfair advantage. I thought that was pretty hilarious.

    Overall, it’s a winner for sure.

  • Rainbow cat
    This is so cute! I love it!
  • Really cute
    My girlfriend loves it. I know it is probably for children but it was a total hit with my girl. Looks great on the bed with her other cute stuffed characters. It is smallish to medium size and quite soft. The white is bright as are the other colors. All in all its quite nice.
  • Small, very soft and very cute plush. Great gift for Exploding Kittens fans or lovers of cute.
    I’m not a huge Exploding Kittens fan, but my girls love cute when they see it, so they do love Tacocat very, very (very?) much. It’s not very large (the billed 7″ seems about right), but it’s frankly the perfect size for a small child. It’s very, very soft and also pretty well-made. My girls aren’t overly hard on their toys (anymore), but they do have a tendency to put their plushes through the ringer (they drag them around, take them wherever they go, sleep with them, etc.), and Tacocat is still hanging in there (though maybe a bit more stained…though you can argue that’s how a Tacocat should be). This is a great plush, for Exploding Kittens fans or just lovers of cute.
  • Great “mascot” for my class
    Excellent job reproducing the Tacocat from Exploding Kittens! Tacocat has the corn tortilla shell with meat and felt-like cheese, lettuce, and tomato bits poking out. The eyes and nose are the only rigid part. It’s really cute.

    It’s not really a huggable size, but is just right as a decoration. I’ve been using it as the “talking piece” with a group of middle schoolers that I teach. We pass Tacocat around the circle to show whose turn it is to talk during a class discussion. He fits neatly into two hands and gives them something to fidget with while they’re thinking and talking.

    Tacocat’s even been tossed around a little. But he’s quite durable and the kids love him. He’s become the class mascot.

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