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Fstop Mavic Battery Charger Rapid

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Fstop Mavic Battery Charger Rapid

  • Specially designed for DJI Mavic 2 Pro, Zoom RC Drone, comes with a 3 prong cable with ground and the charger is internally grounded for safety.
  • Can charge 3 batteries at the same time as well as 2 USB devices. It will take approximately 60 minutes to charge all 3 batteries at the same time. Worldwide compatible, use it whenever you travel, 120v or 220v compatible.
  • Intelligent charge control, 3 separate power rails, one for each battery. Intelligent temperature control, when temperature goes up, fan will speed up.
  • Each power rail is 17.60V at 4.5A, USB output is dual 5V 2A, total of 250W. Our charger is over 95% efficient.
  • Outer shell made of anodized aluminum alloy, helps in heat dissipation and protects the internal circuitry from outside elements. It is fire resistant, non-conductive (anodization is non-conductive). Includes 1 x Multiple Charger, weighs about 1.5 lbs US based support team.
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  • So Far So Good
    So far so good. Received this today and connected three batteries to it. The charger identified that one battery was empty while the other two were full. It proceeded to charge the one empty battery and not the other two.

    I do have one complaint, and that is that it emits a bit of a high pitched whine when charging. I was afraid that this would be it’s continual state while plugged in, but once the battery completed it’s charge, the device shutdown the fan and is no longer making any noise. I can live with fan whine if it will deliver on the promise of 3 full charges simultaneously.

    I will update my review once I have a chance to drain the batteries again and need a full charge.

    I have also purchased the following two alternatives and will post the comparative results when done.

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  • Most Excellent Charger For Ease of Use, Appearance, and Quality Build
    Way cool and functional charger..very easy to use, looks nice, feels solid. I just received this, and only used it once,
    but I feel I am going to love this charger.
    Couldn’t be simpler, fast charging and worked perfect for me. Very nice appearance..I love it.
    I also bought a matching charger for my Phantom 4 Pro. It is so nice to be able to charge multiple batteries at once.
    Now I just need to find the time and place to drain them Fstop Mavic Battery Charger Rapid
  • Ten out of ten, would buy again!
    Convenience and time is what you’re buying when you buy the FStop Labs Mavic 2 Battery Charger. The stock DJI charger that comes with your Mavic 2 drone takes approximately 1 and a half hours to charge. If you have two batteries, it’ll take you three hours…have a third battery? That’s 4 and a half hours.

    Even if you buy the DJI multiple charger off of the DJI, their charger doesn’t charge all 4 batteries at the same time. It charges one battery at a time.

    Fstop Labs Battery chargers can charge 3 batteries all at once. No waiting for one battery to finish for the next one. All three in approximately 1 hour and 10 minutes.

    If you want to fly as soon as possible with all your batteries charged, the FStop Labs Mavic 2 Battery Charger is a great accessory for you. Not only does the charger charge three batteries at the same speed and at the same time but it can also charge your remote and phone at the same time. It comes with two usb ports.

    I can say that aside from ND Filters and extra batteries, you need to have the FStop Labs charger also in your list of gear necessities.

  • Superb
    This is awesome.. Actually charges all the batteries, the remote, and a my Ipad mini at the SAME time! No issues at all…This is what should have come with the fly more kit! No errors on any of my batteries/remote/ipad. The batteries have been charged so far about 4 times each… Works just like it is supposed to.. And the noise level isn’t that high to me, as it ramps up and down and needed… It took about 1 hour and 10 minutes to charge the batteries from about 30% each, the remote was about 40% and the ipad was around 60%… All in all, plug em in and forget about it!
  • Very well made and after inspection I can verify that this model is grounded on the inside to the case as well as all solder joints are nice and well heated making nice connections
    A must have for owners of the DJI Mavic. Very well made and after inspection I can verify that this model is grounded on the inside to the case as well as all solder joints are nice and well heated making nice connections. Also soldering inside looks to have been conformal coated to prevent any oxidation or moisture damage. There are other chargers on the market that look very similar to this but are not genuine. This is the one to get… Charged a Mavic battery or 3 at a time in just over an hour. Very well made, a good value and recommend to anyone in the market for this type of multi battery charger.
  • Inexpensive, not cheap, very well made and charges everything simultaneously not sequentially
    This thing is great! not expensive at all, but its much better than the charger that comes with your mavic. It can charge 3 batteries and your transmitter (Simultaneously) thats the magic word! The stock Mavic charger charges sequentially, so it will take 3 times as long to charge 3 batteries or four times as long to charge 4. It is well made with rigid aluminium construction and looks to be very heavy duty yet very light weight. The connections are solid, it does not feel like anythings going to come loose or wear out anytime soon. I keep this one at home for charging and use the stock mavic set up for on the road. In my opinion it is well worth the $40 and I would buy another one if I had 6 batteries!
  • Started out very good…. company stands behind product THANK YOU FS LABS!!!!
    I purchased this item on December 28 2016, model # DO:YXC06. I have used it for 8 months now and it was working great but I have started to have small problems that I am afraid might turn into major problems. When first used it would make a very low upmost un noticeable hum. Just loud enough for you to hear it is working. Now when a Mavic battery is plugged into it it buzzes quite loudly and then makes a annoying almost whistle that drives my dogs crazy. I have to use it in the garage now. I am giving it a 3 star now and if the company gets back to me and we see what remedy they provide the rating will go up or down! I do hope they get back to me I do not like giving low reviews. This will determine if they. Have good customer service….. Good news FS Labs has returned my e-mail and has offered to send out a replacement. I do now believe this company does stand behind there product! Any new product I order for my Mavic I will check FS Labs to see if they offer it and order from them. It’s nice to have peace of mind in a company you can trust!!!
  • Best Charger Ever.
    Wow, Got home after depleting 3 batteries and my controller down to about 30 percent. Plugged everything up except phone, I fast wireless charge it. Took a shower, grabbed a bite to eat, and after about 75 minutes all 3 batteries were full charged and the controller was at 97%, Anything changes and I’ll be back.
  • Handles it all!
    I have a MP and 3 batteries. I love that this thing can charge all 3 batteries, the RC, and my dedicated iPhone 6s all at the same time. What I am most happy about… it fits in the Nanuk case for the MP (no mods needed to the case… it just fits). Now I have everything I need in one easy-to-carry package.

    My only, minor, complaint… the LEDs on this thing are BRIGHT. Probably great for seeing outdoors, but boy they are hard to even look at (perhaps I just have wimpy eyes). I just put a little piece of tape over them to knock down the brightness a bit. Not nearly enough of an issue to take away a star.

  • Well made. Good looking. Kicks butt!
    Very well built charger. All battery leads come with contact covers when not in use. Their permanently attached with a little hinge. The charger is surprisingly heavy. Very nice glossy finish on the whole thing. Very clean looking. Charging leads are plenty long, giving you room to spare. We can now charge all 4 battery packs, the controller, and the DJI goggles, all at once. Pretty sweet!

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