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Gamecraft Plastic Flying Discs 9 inch

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Gamecraft Plastic Flying Discs 9 inch

  • Made of latex-free plastic material for outdoor use
  • Dome profile makes the discs easy to catch and throw accurately
  • 6-pack of discs includes a blue, green, purple, red, orange and yellow disc to encourage team and group play
  • Ideal for schools, playgrounds, recreation centers, camps and other areas where large groups congregate outdoors
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  • Bought it for my dog

     Bought these because my Malinois likes to play fetch.. as most dogs do, but he has destroyed all the very expensive KONG toys… so, I decided I’m not going to invest in these expensive "toys" anymore.

    These so far have been very durable. I use them everyday with my dog, multiple times a day. Not one has broken yet… And if its does.. well I still got 6 other ones. I use them as placement spot for him, fetch, and just a toy for him to focus on when I want him to target something.

    Good for training and playing. BTW the video shoes the KONG that he destroyed.. but just wanted to show that we do a lot of training with this dog.

  • Fabulous for what I wanted at a great price.
    I should preface this by saying that I am not a frisbee afficianado and I actually bought these to use as paddles for tubing on the river/Lake.
    Because of the price my expectations were not very high and that was fine, because I just needed something that the kids or I could use to paddle tubes around the Lake/river. They came today and I was super impressed. They are actually hard plastic and not easily bent. I havent taken them outside yet, but they fly really nice just tossing them around the living room with my 15 year old. My 17 year old son who has played quite a bit of frisbee wasnt impressed. But If you just want an economical toy for kids/dogs or some paddles for the river/Lake these are awesome. If you are serious about your frisbee game you probably should look elsewhere.
  • Durable
    Use these 2 times a day for so many months I can’t remember with my dog. Tend to slant one direction or the other during flight but I adjusted my throw and it’s all good. I have a Rhodesian heeler mix 75lbs and bone crushing jaws. There like the Energizer frisbee.
  • Awesome!
    These are much more durable than I expected for the price – our dog still chews through them after a while but they don’t crack!
  • Large not small Discs –very sturdy and useful
    Initially I thought these were tiny flying discs, so I ordered a set. I received them, and they were huge, about 10 inches in diameter. I use them as feeding plates for my two Yorkies, and they love it because I can place enough food for both dogs on one plate. I have warmed up their boneless chicken in these containers, and they haven’t warped. They are very sturdy, and can take a lot of abuse from the dogs teeth, cutting on them or whatever.
  • Worth the couple of bucks each
    So far, so good. We bought these specifically for our Aussie. She likes to bite into the frisbee and crack them. These fly straight, easy to throw. So far no cracking. Well worth it
  • Dog/Lab Approved!
    My lab is OBSESSED with catching Frisbees in the air. While the darker colors are a little more difficult for her to see, she has 0 problems catching them, and they last through many uses. We go through all of them over a period of several months, playing almost every day, and I order more because she enjoys them so much. We’ve played with other dogs who chomp down and puncture holes in them, so if your pup does that they won’t last as long. But if you’re looking for a frisbee for your dog to catch, I highly recommend!
  • Nice quality for cheap discs.
    They work and fly! Although I got them to use for teaching my pet pig colors. I needed several of the exact same item just in different colors. She won’t retrieve or catch a flying disc, so I can’t attest to how well they work for pets in that manner. But I did fly one across the living room and they do as they’re intended to do. 😉
  • These are great for playing with my dogs
    These are great for playing with my dogs. They fly well enough. The colors are bright and as shown in the pictures.
  • Great frisbee for my pup!
    I bought these to play with my very energetic puppy. He loves them and they fly quite well enough for him! It’s great that there are lots as he kind of chews the edge when he picks them up which makes the edge rough and chews up my hands when I throw them.

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