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Hasbro C0447 Toilet Trouble Game

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Hasbro C0447 Toilet Trouble Game
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  • Hilarious game for kids and families
  • Flush but watch out for random spray of water
  • Funny toilet flushing sound effects
  • Includes game base, toilet base, toilet tank with toilet paper roll spinner, toilet bowl with lid, and instructions
  • 2 x 1.5V AA Alkaline Batteries Required (demo batteries included)
  • Item model number: C0447
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  • Simple, great game. Easy setup and simple gameplay
    Pretty great game for toddlers! I have a 3 and 4 year olds and they think it’s pretty great. It was definitely a surprise when we each got sprayed the first couple of times because the water truly does get you in the face! And it’s not hard pressure, but it’s a good sprinkling! You’ll probably want to change shirts after you’re done playing.

    I almost returned it because I thought it was defective. I flushed somewhere around 40-50 times before it actually sprayed. So I would definitely give it a good 5-10 minutes of flushing, if it seems like it’s not working. Once I got it going, we had no issues though.

    I also had to apply quite a bit of pressure to get the pieces to snap together; don’t be afraid to apply some force!

    It’s a simple and funny game that will have your family rolling!Read more

  • 2 games later…
    I thought the first on was defective and returned it for another one because the flush sound stopped working after 6 flushes. I exchanged the batteries. The second game was broken on arrival also. The flush handle works but the sound does not. I will be requesting a refund and not buying this game again.Read more
  • Great game, lots of fun without the mess of cream
    My kids have been dying to play this new fad of games where you get hit in the face with something. I have been dying to avoid the mess of the other games out there as well as the waste of money on things like whipping cream. No mess. No clean up. And tons of fun. I’ll take it!Read more
  • Halarious but we don’t know if it broke yet?
    It may just need battery’s needs to be filled past the line! FYI funny game. I hope it’s not broken . But once opened doesn’t fit in the box. Disassembled first. Easily put together.Read more
  • Totally worth it
    This game was a total hit. I ordered it as a birthday gift for my nephew who turned 4. The now 4 year old and his brother (soon to be 7) are obsessed with the game most of the time they don’t use the paper roll and just keep flushing to get wet but it keeps them entertained for hours.Read more
  • Fun!
    Granddaughters love this game! It took several times to get the water primed to start playing but their laughter at getting sprayed and watching the others get sprayed is heaven on earth!!Read more
  • Fun, silly game
    Fun, silly game. I purchased this for a 5 year old who was begging us for it for his birthday. My 3 year old played with him. They laughed so hard as they played.Read more
  • Super fun. Great buy!
    Super cute game would definitely buy this as a gift for another child.Read more

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