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Justice League Bendable Boxed Set

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Justice League Bendable Boxed Set

  • Imported
  • Defeat the villain and save the day with this superhero Boxed set.
  • Includes Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and the green lantern.
  • Figures stand 5″ tall.
  • Made of PVC. Washable.
  • Includes Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and The Green Lantern
  • Each figure measures 5 inches tall
  • Child minimum age recommendation: 3 years
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  • Good, Old-Fashioned Rubber Figures
    My (big for their age) sons are two and three years old, and they love these figures.

    -Good size for young children, big, but not too big
    -Solid rubber (can take a beating)
    -Capes are tough and don’t tear easily
    -Good proportions, not overly muscular or unrealistic

    -Barely posable, no joints, do not buy these for display purposes if you wish to pose them
    -Wonder Woman’s paint job is sloppy in places (very minor issue)
    -Wire runs through the rubber to make them bendable, could pose a hazard if exposed (unlikely)
    -Costumes are old-fashioned versions that your child may not identify with (didn’t bother my little guys)

    The boys enjoy walking around with these toys as much as they like pretending with them. They remind me of the solid rubber WWF wrestling figures from the 80’s, only less weighty. After weeks of use, the paint on Superman’s nose has rubbed off (it’s dark blue now), and his cape is thinning out from being dragged around by it. Overall, they are holding up well to very strenuous use. I highly recommend them.

  • Bendable superheroes
    This is a very colorful fun set of bendable superheroes!! We got these for our son for his batcave and he loves them!!! You can stretch and bend them and so far their holding up great!! I would recommend these, you can’t find them in a regular store!!
  • They get the job done…
    I have a few expensive collectible action figures, so of course my young son wanted to play with them. I tried to accommodate him, but when he ripped the cape of Michael Keaton Batman I knew I had to find him some superhero toys he could play hard with. These rubber figures aren’t of the best quality, but since they’re bendy my son hasn’t broken them like most toys he plays with. Personally, I love the retro paint job they have. And this box set is a great value, these same toys bought individually are way overpriced.
  • Nice action figures
    These action figures look old school, but they are really nice quality rubber. I run an after school program and have lots of 5 to 10 year old children play with them. They seem to really enjoy them and I definitely felt like it was a really good buy.
  • Happy in Ohio
    My 7 yr old grand son loves these! I bought them b/c he breaks everything he touches. These he hasn’t broken and plays with them constantly. Who doesn’t love a bendy toy? I played with these kinds of things when I was little in the 70’s so I knew they’d be a hit. The figures are actually bigger than I anticipated, so happy surprise!
  • He loved the superheroes
    I bought this Superheroes set for a Birthday Present. It was a huge success. He loved them all and went on to explain who they were to me. I loved the fact that the set was of good quality.
  • Nice Sect for PICU Patient
    I ordered this for the PICU where my daughter works. I don’t know how well it worked out for the recipient, but the hospital was delighted to receive the gift. It appeared to be very nice, as pictured. I hope the recipient enjoys it.
  • is nice.
    These go everywhere with my son. He loves them and that they are bendable. They are one solid piece so we don’t have to worry about the limbs or head popping off, which for us, is nice.
  • My 4 and a half year old loves it!
    These toys are great. My 4 year old loves them. The quality is great and the price is really good. If you need to get superhero toys for your kids then you can’t get much better than this.
  • Very nice
    These are very nice. Im glad i took a chance on ordering these. You cant find these in stores, the whole set. Perfect size for child.

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