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LeapFrog Enterprises 31702 Headphones Pink

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LeapFrog Enterprises 31702 Headphones Pink
  • Provides quiet learning time for your little one
  • Padded headband and ear cushions add extra comfort
  • Adjustable headpiece accommodates growing kids
  • Choice of two colors: pink and green
  • Works with LeapPad tablets, LeapReader, LeapsterGS and LeapFrog Epic
  • Item model number: 31702
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Turn up the fun wherever you go and bring crisp, clear sound with LeapFrog Headphones-now that’s music to their ears. The kid-friendly size ensures a perfect fit for little ears while the headband adjusts for growing kids. Padded ear cushions provide added comfort and sound and a choice of two different colors allows them to accessorize their learning in style.
  • LeapFrog Enterprises
    These are bigger headphones than earlier versions of the LeapPad headphones, but they seem a bit sturdier, too. The volume control is better; you have to turn the volume way up on the LeapPad to get the headphone volume to an audible level. I prefer this, as my kids think they need to have everything blasting their eardrums when they listen on their headphones.
  • Parents, this is the best for those little ears
    Awesome headphones for kids.
    I have 2 pair of these, one for my 3 year old and 1 for my 5 year old. The fit is perfect and the volume control is awesome. I would recommend these to all parents looking for a safe a particular pair of headphones for their young child. The price is very reasonable as well.
  • These larger LeapFrog headphones are so much more comfortable for my son
    These larger LeapFrog headphones are so much more comfortable for my son. The other LeapFrog headphones and all the other brands I’ve tried, that were smaller, he just would not want to keep on. Well worth the price.
  • Big, sturdy, comfortable headphones – an improvement over earlier ones
    I found these to be a big improvement over the earlier model. They are nice and big and easy for my 5-year olds to get on and off. Because they cover the whole ear and don’t just rest on the ear, they don’t slip around and fall off like the small headphones. These just seem sturdier and more kid-friendly and my kids liked them better too. I bought this pair because one of the smaller older pairs was broken by my twins and this one seems like it will hold up much better.
  • but will soon fit just fine. She loves them
    We bought these to go with my daughters leap pad ultra. They are a little big for her (she’s 2 years old), but will soon fit just fine. She loves them. They worked to watch movies on the airplane. The only thing that would make these better is if they came with some sort of case or bag.
  • Great headhphones for kids!
    My daughter really loves these headphones. We had the older version of LeapFrog headphones and she likes these with the larger ear pads much better. I love that they have a straight jack – just what the teacher asked each student to bring. Good quality, good price.
  • Perfect!
    great addition to the leapfrog system that we have
  • Great kid headphones
    Nice headphones. I bought them to use with my three children, ages 2-5. They are a little bit too big for my 2-yr-old, but they fit everyone else well. They appear to be of good quality as well- nice sound, nice volume, and they haven’t broken yet, unlike many other headphones we’ve tried.
  • Excellent
    This are perfectly designed for little ones’ head sizes. Decent sound and easy to use for a child. We’ve bought several other headsets for our son for his iPad and computer but these LeapPad headphones we got for him to use with the LeapPad Ultra are better than anything else we’ve tried or bought.
  • Best children’s headphones on the market
    You cannot go wrong with these. I have a 3/4 year old and a 6/7 year old, that have been using these almost daily for over a year and they are as strong as the first day. Totally kid-proof. And oh the cord is just……………………..a mother’s dream!! It is worth every last penny to splurge on a tangle/knot free cord.
    We’ve had TONS of headphones, including another LeapFrog one with smaller ears, and this is hands down the kids favorite. They say it is SO comfortable. You won’t go wrong with these. Every kid will love them.

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