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Learning Resources Snacks Sorting Cupcakes

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Learning Resources Snacks Sorting Cupcakes
  • A delicious way to a strong academic start, these mouthwatering cupcakes support school readiness by introducing colors, shapes and attributes for children to identify and learn
  • These 8 two-part cupcakes pull apart to reveal a circle, square, triangle, rectangle, oval, hexagon, star, and heart
  • Match the shapes on the 2-part cupcakes and then match those shapes to the pan bottom
  • Eye-hand and bilateral coordination are used as children connect the two parts of each cupcake
  • Set includes: plastic pan and eight 2-part cupcakes measuring 2″H x 11/2″ in diameter
  • Part of the Smart Snacks line that provides a smarter way to play, treat-themed sets combine imaginative play with learning early basics such as color, shape, number, and letter recognition, as well as practicing communication and fine motor skills
  • Ideal for ages 2+
  • Item model number: LER7347
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A delicious way to encourage shape and color identification and build fine motor skills. These 8 two-part cupcakes pull apart to reveal a circle, square, triangle, rectangle, oval, hexagon, star and heart. Match the shapes to put them back together. Then match the shape to the pan bottom. Cupcakes measure 2″H x 1 ½” in diameter. Ages 2+. 17 Pieces.
  • Learning Resources
    My 2 yr old son has played with this everyday since it arrived in the mail. It is good quality. There are 8 cupcakes each with an identifying shape and made up of 2 pieces, the cake and the icing. The icing can be difficult to remove and my son can not do it by himself, my only complaint. But the icing can be matched up to the cake by matching the shape and then again matched up to the assigned spot in the cupcake tin. My son loves to match it up and asks me to identify the shapes but he also loves to pretend that we are eating cupcakes. So I like this toy a lot.

    I would recommend it and I would make this my go-to gift for toddlers. As a mom expecting my second baby soon, the cupcakes are also large enough that I am not worried about an infant mouthing on them.

  • PERFECT cognitive toy for my autistic 3 year old! Actually deserves 5 stars!
    This is a VERY cute, VERY well thought out and VERY well made toy!! While I’m sure it mostly caters to girls, it’s not girly looking. I actually bought this for my autistic 3 year old son. We are always in need of educational activities that force him to sit still and use his mind for a few minutes. The fact that this requires no batteries and is QUIET is just a huge bonus because it’s something we can take to church or other quite places to occupy him for a bit. This little cupcake set covers several learning bases: colors, shapes, hand/eye coordination and matching. Each cupcake top has a shape that can only fit into the correct cupcake base. Each shape also is represented on the bottom of the "tin" (though it’s plastic) so you can match each completed cupcake to its correct spot there as well. Any cupcake will fit in any hole though. The cupcakes are made of really high quality somewhat rubbery feeling plastic. They’re not squishy at all but they feel a lot heavier and softer than just hard plastic. The quality is outstanding. We’ve had these for over a year now and they’ve held up to a LOT of abuse, including being chewed on, and still look new. My son is a whizz at these now and we time him to see how fast he can get them all put together and in the right spots. I get asked all the time where I found these because other kids are always wanting to play with them! This would also make a great addition to any play kitchen set. I have nothing but the highest recommendation for this toy!
  • Must have LR set!
    This is my son’s favorite set so far! These cupcakes exceeded my expectations! They are just the right size for my 2 year old and very durable! Both the tray and cupcakes have a nice weight. NOT CHEAP THIN PLASTIC! The cupcakes are a bit difficult to separate but my son just likes using them with his kitchen set so it’s not that big of a deal. All in all this is a set well worth the money and perfect for pretend play as are all LR sets. The only thing I wasn’t thrilled about when opening the box was the smell of the cupcakes but after washing them in soap and water the smell let up quite a bit.
  • Awesome Toy – Many Different Ways to use
    My daughter can play with these for hours. She loves to take them all apart and match them all back up. Then we will sit with her and ask her for certain color ones to help her work on identifying the colors. These are amazing and have multiple uses. In addition the learning the kids would LOVE to also use them in their play kitchen. Once a week it seems like we have cupcakes “in the oven” before we can play with them.

    They created these the perfect size for little hands, they can easily get a hold of them and do what they want as far as putting them together and adding them to the pan.

    I love all the amazing, bright and vibrant colors that they used for these cupcakes. They make them fun and attractive to the little ones.

  • No complaints
    As other reviewers said, it can be hard to pull the frosting off the cake. Some cupcakes were more difficult than others. However, if they were too loose they would just fall out. My granddaughters solve the problem by "setting" the frosting on the cake but not pushing it in real deep.We did not notice any smell. The cupcakes also fit in a regular (adult) mini-muffin pan which is a good thing because both my granddaughters wanted a tray. So far they haven’t paid too much attention to the shapes. They are 2 1/2 and about the right age.
    Update – a couple months later:
    My granddaughters play with these all the time. It’s helped them learn their shapes and colors. Ours did not smell bad. I would buy them again. I changed my rating from 4 to 5 stars because I don’t think the difficulty pulling them apart has an issue. If they can’t get one apart they just ask me to do it.
  • Hours of fun, quality product, smooth and easy transaction
    My grand-daughter LOVES these! She began playing with them immediately after opening them on Christmas. We had a little difficulty at first with a couple of them not wanting to come apart, but once you separate them all a couple of times, they’re fine. I discovered that even the muffin tin has a shape so not only do you match the icing to the cake, but then the whole cupcake to the pan. Additional reinforcement of the shapes! Also, since the cut-out shape goes all the way through the cake, my grand-daughter turned the cake part upside down and put the icing through the bottom and then stood them up, which gave them a tree/forest look. She is definitely having a great time with these. I’m so glad I bought these. I got a great Christmas deal on them and given the amount of time she’s played with them already, I’ve already gotten my money’s worth!!
  • Love these for all ages
    I can’t begin to tell you how much my 2 and 4 year olds love these cupcakes! We now make sure to take a few with us everywhere we go. The kids love playing with them in all sorts of creative ways or just carrying them around. They are difficult take apart but they don’t seem to mind. We like the different shapes on the bottom too. My little one puts them in a bus and pushes them around like they are little people. Had a lot of friends asking where I got these so they could get them for their kids too.
  • 5 star Quality learning toy
    I am more than impressed with this toy!! I have been a childcare provider for 25 years and have purchased and sought out many toys that offer learning while also using motor skills. First of all the bright colored cupcakes are so cute the children love them, they can take them apart and learn the shapes and also matching. Many different ways this can be used.The cupcakes are a heavy duty hard material that seems like it will last for years. The pan is a bit flimsy but yet seems durable. I am hoping it lasts. I will update this review if it becomes broken.
  • No smells for me – and he loves the toy!
    I read the reviews about the smells but decided to test my luck. The product I received had no toxic smells. Too bad for anyone who received it smelly. Son really loves these. While I wish it weren’t cupcakes (I hate that my 2 year old can say cupcakes!!), he really enjoys them and I like practicing the colors with him. The shapes were a bit difficult at first, but he caught on and now can do it. Would definitely recommend and would definitely buy as a gift.
  • Wonderful fun!
    Durable, educational and fun! Every child who comes to our house is drawn to these little cupcakes, from babies to 5 year olds playing house. These are quite sturdy little things, and a great learning toy. Learning Resources is also a wonderful company to work with if you ever have any issues. We have now purchased several sets as gifts, and I am always told that the child loves them. This product is definitely on my list of must have kid toys.

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