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LEGO Heroes App Controlled Batmobile Building

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LEGO Heroes App Controlled Batmobile Building

  • Build an amazing app-controlled Batmobile toy, withan opening cockpit for Batman, 4-wheel drive and 2 dual stud shooters, then download the app to control the vehicle from your smartphone or tablet
  • Includes a Batman figure plus 11 new-for-August-2018 Bat weapons and elements to customize your build and minifigure.
  • This cool app-controlled car toy measures over 3” (9cm) high, 7” (19cm) long and 5” (13cm) wide
  • 321 pieces – Superhero toy building set for boys and girls aged 8+ and for fans and big kids of all ages
  • This LEGO DC Super Heroes App-Controlled Batmobile 76112 Batman toy can be built together with all other original LEGO playsets and LEGO bricks for creative construction
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  • So funny
    Great model, as control response.
  • Great hift
    So fun for young boys
  • A quick build, but hours and hours of playtime
    The new Lego City Trains and this Batmobile have begun using an iOS and Android app called Powered Up. If you are used to the boxes that have batteries inside motorized vehicles, they look or are the same. The difference here is that the remotes are now gone in favor of this new app used on your device. No more batteries for your Lego remotes and no more Lego remotes on different frequencies and you aren’t sure which one controls which train, etc.

    The Build: Very straight-forward as it only has 321 pieces. Took about 40 minutes. The Batman figure here is very detailed and interesting and is clearly a jewel of this set. Because it’s a remote controlled vehicle that could be bumping in to things, the item is very solidly built and does not break easily.

    Using it as a remote controlled vehicle: It connects via Bluetooth. Press and hold the button at the top and Voila it connects. The menu has two options at the moment which are Lego City and Batman. After that, you can see the picture of the control portion of the app I took. Each slider moves the right or left wheel and that’s how you turn it. You can do wheelies, go fast or slow, or backward. The range is about the typical for Bluetooth maybe 60-70 feet. The engine has good torque and can go up hills and drive over small items.

    My son has had a lot of fun playing with this item, more than a normal Lego set. Given the remote function, I think it could be a staple for awhile. I wish it were priced at $90. Because it’s Lego of course you can customize it or add your own figs to it. Lego did a nice job with this one.

  • Very agile and responsive variable speed remote control car
    I had high expectations for this set, and this set topped them. The build itself is pretty straightforward, but the car performs exceptionally well. It is agile, responsive, and has two variable speed motors that go forwards and backwards. It needs 6 AAA batteries that all go in the receiver, which then sends power to the motors. The variable speed and separate controls for each motor allow you to move slowly, fast, turn backwards or forwards, go in a large or small circle, or even spin in place!

    The car is controlled using the LEGO Powered Up app running on a smartphone or tablet.It controls the car via bluetooth and works quite well. The app has 2 drive modes; one is smoother and you have more control, the other is easier to use. You might want to ensure your device can run that app to avoid disappointment, as no other remote is included with this set. The app also works with a couple of train sets, 60197 Passenger Train and 60198 Cargo Train, but those also include a remote. We don’t have one so don’t know if it would work with this car.

    The app is better though because it has a lot of buttons for preset patterns, such as back up and turn around, or zig zag, etc. These are quick movements that could be challenging to replicate manually.

    The motors and bluetooth receiver could easily be used in a custom build for all sort of things. For example, it would work to sync two smartphones to their own custom cars and have a demolition derby.

    The included Batman minifigure is very detailed and so far is exclusive to this set. He easily fits into the spacious and fancy driver’s cabin. The car is fairly low to the ground so struggles in grass, and quickly picks up stuff on the axles on my carpet – but being LEGO it is super easy to take apart and clean. There were some extra bat shaped pieces included different from any in the build.

    This is a really cool and unique set that opens up whole new possibilities for custom LEGO projects! Great for kids and adults. Highly recommended!

  • Pretty awesome new line of Lego

    Comes with a Batman minifig which is slightly different from the original Lego movie minifig.
    Extremely detailed and sturdy overall. Small pieces and wheels tend to fall off but easy to replace.
    The wires are integrated well and it’s easy to access the Bluetooth and battery compartment. It takes 6 AAA batteries which is ridiculous.
    The stud shooters are manual so they’re fairly useless because you have to go over to the batmobile to launch the studs.
    There’s not much to play with when you’re not using the app. The car can’t roll without the motors, so if you’re not controlling it with the app/batteries, it just sits there. I guess you could shoot the studs.

    The app is free and has two sets of controls. It takes a long time to pair your device sometimes and tends to quit unexpectedly.
    This new feature of Lego is definitely its own league. It’s super cool and awesome and the recordings of Batman talking are really fun.
    The car is extremely maneuverable and speedy.

  • Remote control Lego Batmobile!!
    This set was very easy to put together. It took me around 45 minutes. It is a fairly heavy car and definitely needs the two engines to make it move fast. The only bad thing about the design is that the back port does not close fully to hide the wires.
    The car drives on 6 batteries (not included) and a Bluetooth tablet/cell phone. I used my S8+ without a problem. After downloading the software from the Playstore, the first connection took around 2-3 minutes while it was updating (I think) the engine block. I did drop a few times the connection by timing out (not playing with the car and my phone shut down), but re-connecting took 5-10 seconds each time.
    The controls are fun and fairly intuitive. There are 3 buttons that allows the car to “jump”, quickly turn in a circle or back-up. The tires allow to drive on short carpet. The engine is also powerful, I tried a head-to-head push against another remote control car, and it won handedly. Overall great performance.
    One thing I noticed is that the Batmobile at first refused to “drive” without using powerpack. I noticed the tires were slightly differently attached, some closer then others. When I redid them, and made them all closely attached to the car, the tires turn even without running the app, just a little more difficult. It won’t roll, but at least can move.
    Definitely a great new Lego attempt!!
  • Hubs LOVES it
    My husband has a blast with this thing. He had fun putting it together and has even more fun driving it around. He likes that it turns “like a zero turn mower.” No glitches with the app at all.

    SIX double AAs seems like a bit much, considering it is not that big and you can’t do other things, like shoot the guns, but we haven’t had to replace the batteries yet so that is a plus.

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