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Little Mermaid Wig Child Accessory

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Little Mermaid Wig Child Accessory
  • 100% Synthetic Fiber
  • Long Synthetic Hair Wig
  • One Size for Girls
  • Full Cap wig with elastic for snug fit
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  • Gets Frizzy and Bangs Don’t Look Like Picture
    Purchased for my 5 year old daughter for her Ariel Halloween costume. It fits her head well, but I recommend using a wig cap or hair cap to keep the hair pulled out of the face and I think it helps the wig stay put on the head, too. I put it on my daughter once without the cap and she complained it was falling off.

    My major complaint was unless you know how to style wigs, it’s not going to look like the picture. It’s still a pretty wig, but the bangs were split down the center, not swooped to the side like the picture shows. And with a little bit of wear, the hair starts to get frizzy and loses it’s pretty, thick, wavy curls. I found myself having to brush the wig frequently to get the tangles out, which separated the strands of hair and made it look like an overbrushed doll’s head. Water seemed to help take some of the frizz out, but once the water dryed, it seemed to go back to the way it was.

    But the price is right and my daughter wasn’t concerned about these little details like I was. She loved the wig! I just wanted to provide my experiences on how the product looked and held up with play.Read more

  • Perfect Ariel wig.
    It worked perfectly for Halloween for my 2.5 year old. It did slip off her head a couple times, but to be fair she’d had it on for 2 hours and was excitedly jumping up and down fueled by halloween candy. She even won a costume contest with it!Read more
  • Perfect match color wise!
    This completed our daughter’s halloween costume perfectly! It’s very full wig and the color is pretty much spot on. It’s not orange or anything like that and looks just like the picture.Read more
  • Arrived in perfect condition.
    This looks GREAT- the waves were intact and remained in place throughout an evening of trick or treating. Arrived in perfect condition.Read more
  • Perfect!
    Beautiful wig!Read more
  • Pleased
    My niece really liked it.Read more
  • Perfect!
    It is great!! Full, long and fun!Read more
  • wouldn’t recommend for adults
    Fits perfectly, wouldn’t recommend for adults.Read more

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