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Little Tikes Activity Garden Playset

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Little Tikes Activity Garden Playset
  • Multi-functional play center helps infants develop fine motor skills; Safe, durable and enclosed environment makes baby feel at home
  • Play center easily transforms without tools into an open, two-sided play center; Play panel can be adjusted to sit horizontally for sit-at play
  • Take-along play panel features a bead tumbler, spinner w/mirror, spinning “gears”, clicking bugs and large button when pressed, plays songs
  • Crawl-through archway; Shape-sorter mailbox; Working Tap-a-Tune piano sits atop the open-close door; Movable, look through telescope
  • Open-close window shutters that feature a ball drop flower pot
  • Item model number: 632624M
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  • Little Tikes
    I gave this to my 9 month old son for Christmas. He LOVES it. He uses it to pull himself to a stand. He goes in and out through the slide. The size was exactly what I expected. I have attached some pictures to help with the size of the toy. My son is almost 21 lbs so a little bigger than most 9 month olds. My 3 year old daughter will get in it with him too. He loves to play with the balls and blocks in the mail box. It keeps him entertained and away from getting into things he isn’t supposed to.
  • Great cozy spot and a developmentally useful toy…
    Great for physical therapy and encouraging a baby to get up off the floor. They can commando crawl in through the front door, out the window, or over the slide, but they can’t lay flat on their belly once inside, so it forces/encourages them to get up. It can be a bit frustrating for the baby, at first, and there’s no padding (obviously), but our physical therapist loves the many applications of this house. Lots of handholds, pull-up, and crawl-over points. If placed on a non-slip surface, it’s easy for the baby to sit up in and brace himself inside. But it’s not so comfy that it encourages flopping and lounging. My son loves to go inside and play. Once he’s sitting up independently, I know it will be a wonderful, cozy spot! It’s very sturdy, too, and a good deal, if you get it for under a bill.

    Update: we had a play party this weekend and this little house was, by far, the most popular item with ALL the kids. Babies from 9 months to 3 years were fighting over it. A 3yo girl was literally in tears and refusing to leave the party, because she still hadn’t gotten a “turn” with the house. All the parents were amazed how popular it was, considering its size.

    Our 1-year-old son is obsessed with it, and spends time in it every single day. So, yes, it is tiny, but I think that’s part of the charm.

  • Wonderful play area!!!
    For all those that wonder about this product.
    It’s one of the best gifts I’ve bought from Amazon yet. Son is very physical and loves it. He’s had it since he could sit up, and is definitely part of his every day routin from opening doors, using it for support to stand, closing windows, playing with all gadgets and of course the slide!!! I always watched my son when playing in it while in learning to walk stages. It’s for his safety. My sons age is 11-1/2 months, Other child is 3-1/2
  • Personally, I’d play in it Little Tikes Activity Garden Playset
    First of all, don’t listen to the reviews of those who say their kids didn’t like it or care about it. The products functionality is not based on the child’s interest. Secondly, a child under the age of 2 is incapable of full comprehension of objet proportion. The fact that it’s not a full slide, a larger than baby door, or that it’s not as big as the adult wanted for the price, has zero to do with how good or bad this toy is.

    This toy is really great for the price. There were used ones on resell apps but I wanted this to be new for the simple fact that I could send it back if something WAS wrong with it! There was a matter of it being sturdy when it was opened. One of the screws wasn’t keeping it as firm on one side as the other. I had a fatter screw and just used that which actually fixed the only problem I had with it. My 10 month old usually takes a couple of days before warming up to a new toy so idk if he likes it or not. He seemed pretty content in it and is able to go through the door and the slide area without any trouble.

    I will say that when you assemble it put the stickers on the slide poles FIRST and keep in mind you’ve got ONE shot at the stickers. Once they’re on they’re on!

    Overall it really is a great toy with lots to do! As with ALL toys larger than your child, do not leave them unattended with this. No need to blame the toy or the company because you just walked away from your child to get hurt on it.

  • LOVE
    I have a son that is on tpn and gtube feeds, so he has up to two wires coming out of him at different times of the day. When he’s on gtube feeds only, he wears a small backpack with his formula. I was concerned at first but quickly relieved to find that he can fit through the little crawl space with ease and no catching of the backpack on anything. Then, when he’s on tpn, it’s a huge bag that sits on the floor and I was originally concerned he’d get himself wrapped up when going in and out of different holes. The opened up version of the toy fixes that! I have pictures to explain what I mean. I love this toy for my son. He was so so happy. I have tons a videos of him laughing hysterically and squealing. Would reccomend to parents of normal and tube fed babies!!
  • Definitely recommended for children age 1 and up!!
    This is an excellent product. I bought this for my 1 year old to keep him busy throughout the day, and he loves it! There’s no end to activities with this playset. He’s always crawling in and out of it, opening the mailbox, opening and closing the window, playing with the mail shapes and balls, sliding the little bugs back and forth. And any kids who come over make a beeline to this toy- many kids from age 1 through 5 have just run straight to it and played with it for their entire visit.

    I had been looking for something for my son to climb on, since we don’t have much else like that for him, and this was one of the cheapest options I found. I wasn’t sure my son would even be interested, but this really exceeded my expectations. It’s great because it’s a "big" toy, but fits in our apartment easily. Highly recommend for children close to 1 year and up!!

  • … worried about buying this because people said it wasn’t sturdy. We’ve found it to be very sturdy with …
    I was worried about buying this because people said it wasn’t sturdy. We’ve found it to be very sturdy with all sides connected. My baby loves crawling around and through it. Very interactive. Will it last until she’s 3? No, it’s best for crawling babies. I can’t imagine he’d using it past 2, but it’s perfect for the 6-12 month stage when other climbing toys or activity houses are too big.
  • It is perfect! She loves it
    We purchased this for our baby’s first birthday. It is perfect! She loves it. The older kids play along with her and it has held up for a while now being used daily. It took about an hour to put together because I was doing it when the kids were awake and bothering me. It would probably only take about 30 minutes if undisturbed. The instructions were clear and easy to follow. All the parts were there and easy to fit together.
  • Amazing
    This toy is amazing. We got it from a friend for our 1 year old’s birthday. I am not lying when I say that he plays with for 2-3 hours a day, sometimes more. He likes to look through the telescope, play with the activity board (and we didn’t even put the batteries in), climb over the slide, open the front door, open and close the window, crawl through the window, and HIS FAVORITE – taking things out of the mailbox and put them back in the mailbox. We find our debit cards, keys, etc in his mailbox all the time – he loves to collect things from around the house and stash them in there (at least we know where to look?). Sometimes he just stands up in the middle of the house but is totally happy. He can play independently with this for so long it’s amazing. He loves the little balls. At first he liked to just chase them around, throw them, and pick them up. Now he is learning how to drop them in the holes so they fall down like they are supposed.

    The best thing about this toy is the fact that it grows with your child. There is so much to do for a little guy who is just crawling, but every week our son discovers new ways to use this toy as he gains new skills.

    Size: We have it set up in our living room so we love the small size. It is big enough for him to fit inside and play, but doesn’t take up too much space in our living room. He is about 29 inches tall and the toy is a little taller than him in the highest part. I think it is a perfect size, but it not a huge play house. I included pictures for scale.

    There are few "negatives"… the "slide" is not really a slide, your kid can crawl over it but only a 4 week old could actually use it as a slide. Also, it comes with 4 balls and 3 shapes – good luck keeping track of them for more than 2 seconds. This is not Little Tikes fault obviously, but I did buy extra balls because our son is constantly losing them. The Bright Starts Having a Ball balls (Bright Starts Having A Ball Toys, Bunch of Balls) are about the same size as these.

    Finally, I saw someone complain about cracked pieces. I did not have any cracked pieces, but the box was missing a piece to put the mailbox on (which inevitably can happen when something is packaged at the factory). I just called Little Tikes, told them the part number that was missing, and they mailed it to me with no issues. It only took about 3 days to arrive. Great customer service.

  • Would buy again!!!
    This just arrived yesterday morning. Shipping was super quick, it arrived in like 2 days.

    It took about 3 hours for my 68 year old dad to assemble. He needed different sized screw drivers and needed to keep running to the garage. There was a whole box of part, none labeled with A-B-C or anything, but the directions referred to A-B-C parts… so it took a while to sort it all out, and needed to look at the photo on the box to be sure it was correct.

    But my 9 month old daughter, LOVES it so far, she is playing with all the areas, and pulling herself up (which in turn is dsaving our backs a bit)… so far it seems sturdy and she is having a lot of fun!

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