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  • After much research, this is the best for the price.
    After a ton of research about what to look for in a bounce house, best bounce houses to buy, and scouring the internet for reviews, I decided to order this bounce house for my 2 year old son for this and future birthday parties. It comes in a 50 pound box with the bouncer, blower, stakes, a repair kit, and a big bag to put it all in. It only took 2 minutes to set it up after we opened all the boxes. I would recommend raking the yard and putting a tarp down first simply to protect your investment. It’s stronger than I thought; my 35 pound 2 year old doesn’t even make a dent in the floor of this thing when he bounces. We had a total of 3 kids in it at the party: mine, his best friend who is the same size, and his 4 year old brother. They had a blast getting in and out through the side opening and going down the slide. Don’t expect it to be bullet-proof; the sides bend down easily if you pull on them, and the walls will bend, but will pull down the side if a larger kid throws himself at it. My 150 pound mom got in and bounced around on her knees, as did I at a different time, and I’m 250 pounds. The velcro on the side opening is fairly strong and the kids will need a step to get up to it and get in. The blower makes about as much noise as you’d expect. If you’re outside you won’t notice it, but if you’re inside I’m sure you’d have to raise your voice to speak. We staked it down with the provided stakes and it never toppled over or came off the ground. It inflates and deflates very quickly, and everything fits in the bag. It is perfect if you want a bounce house at birthday parties or summer fun days for young kids. We will be putting this up at all birthday parties for at least the next 4 years and bringing it out of storage for the occasional fun jump. (One reviewer said it fit in her basement; if I cleared out my living room I’m pretty sure it could fit in there.)
  • Perfect size!
    This is the perfect size for our almost 2 year old! He was terrified of the regular sized ones you can rent for this price. He will have a blast with his friends at his birthday party OTISA 3Pack
  • LOVE this bouncy castle
    AWESOME! Our kids (like all, I suppose) go bonkers when we go someplace that has a bounce house set up, and never want to get out of it… Finally decided to try to find a reasonably-priced, well-reviewed one for our own. Had no idea how expensive these things could be, but searched everywhere. Of course ended up back at Amazon, and found this bouncy castle– seemed like a sturdy, well-made, affordable option, so took a gamble and ordered it.

    I’m so happy we did- set it up as a surprise for the kids one day during the looooong summer break last year, and they were seriously overjoyed. VERY easy set-up, powerful fan– it inflates in literally 1-2 minutes! The plastic stakes were junky though, and two broke within days, so we bought basic metal tent-stakes at a box-store and use those instead.The storage bag is spacious enough that you don’t have to have military precision packing it back up– it’s roomy enough for you to stuff it in once you get most of the air out and haphazardly roll it up. Great purchase!

    Our 4- and 6-yr-olds (and any friends/cousins who’ve been here while we have it out) LOVE this bounce house, and I love the fun they have– AND the exercise they get using it. We expect to enjoy this for years to come.

  • Well worth the money!
    Bought this for my son’s 4th birthday party. We had planned to rent one, but that was almost as expensive as just buying it! Wow! Well worth the money to buy… it’s easy to set up and tear down. Literally takes minutes. Our kids have used it almost daily!
  • Definitely worth it!! Way to go, Santa!
    This is perfect to let kiddos get energy out, especially in winter! It just fits height-wise in our basement and inflates in less than a minute! Our 3 and 5 year old absolutely love it and have plenty of room to bounce together. I love how easily it can be put away if the floor space is needed. While I can’t speak for durability/longevity yet, so far Santa gets 10 stars from us!!
  • Absolutely love it! Very good quality
    Absolutely love it! Very good quality! Bought for a first year birthday party, decided to play it on the safe side and let 3-4 kids jump at a time, ages ranging from 3-8. Have currently used everyday since purchasing, very easy to set up, not super heavy, and this is coming from a woman who is mostly setting this up daily with a broken foot! Total Inflation and ready to use within 5 minutes or less, that includes set up time.
    Would highly recommend to purchase from this company!
  • This is a fantastic bounce house
    This is a fantastic bounce house! Very well made, easy to put up and very easy to take down! My granddaughter absaloutley adores it!!!
  • Five Stars
    love it…quality was there very impressed! my 2 and 7 year old terrors jump on it for hours.
  • Amazing product, one of our best buys ever
    Amazing product, one of our best buys ever! Note, it doesn’t come with the blower so needed to order that separately.
  • They love it, hours of entertainment
    Bought it for the grandchildren. They love it, hours of entertainment.The most popular kids in the neighborhood!

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