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Parrot Anafi Drone Compact Flying

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Parrot Anafi Drone Compact Flying

  • 4K HDR videos and 21MP photos
  • Unique 180 Degree vertical tilt gimbal, ideal for low-angle shots
  • USB-C smart battery for a 25 minute flight time
  • Ultra-compact and lightweight carbon frame, drone unfolds in less than 3 seconds
  • Comes complete with a foldable controller, Parrot Skycontroller 3
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  • Finally a drone which can compete with the DJI Mavic.
    This is a fantastic little drone. It is light and extremely portable. It has a great camera with an outstanding 3x zoom. It has a true 25 minute flight time. It has a half-dozen special flight modes as well as the essential GPS position hold and smart RTH. This is the first drone on the market that can honestly compete with the DJI Mavic. Today I flew both the Anafi and the Mavic for several hours. The Mavic has twice the flight range, but the Anafi is competitive or better in just about every other aspect. Overall, I prefer the Anafi as my "travel drone" now.

    (I am an FAA licensed drone pilot with six years of experience flying many different drones including the DJI Phantom series, Mavic, and Spark as well as Yuneec, Cheerson, Holy Stone, and Hubsan drones.)

  • Great Drone for the price range
    Currently, I own a Phantom 3 from DJI. I recently went looking in the market for a new drone that was portable but maintained a decent camera. I enjoyed DJI, but I was looking for something different and fun. I found the Parrot Anafi. After reading the specs and taking a closer look at the drone, I found that I was pleasantly surprised but the new and different things I could do with this drone in regard to videos and photos. I started reading reviews and could not believe the negative reviews only because its not a Mavic Air and doesn’t have obstacle avoidance. So here is my review bullet points:

    Camera – 4k Camera looks great, but hope to see some improvements with the HDR as it is a little grainy and a touch over saturated
    Camera Gimbal – Had this drone up in pre-thunderstorm conditions. I could hear the drone working to stay in-place but the video didn’t show it. Most reviewers downgraded the gimbal because it is a hybrid (mechanical and digital stabilization). The only time I noticed an issue was during fast spins. Otherwise the video looks great.
    Camera Rotation Range – Amazing! Getting some perspectives that a drone anywhere this price could never produce.
    Camera Lossless Zoom (video) – This was often overlooked in the review I read. I think this will be coming to more drones in the future. I think it works really well and allows you to frame shots better.
    Flight Time – Have been very close to the 25 min promised by Parrot. (Beats Mavic Air and only 2-3 min behind the Mavic Pro)
    Portability – I can easily through the controller and the drone in a bag over my shoulder and go anywhere I’d like. Many reviews that I have read slammed the drone because it is longer than the Mavic Air. Honestly, I don’t know why that would matter in this situation.
    Noise – Noticeably quieter than any drones I have flown.

    iOS App is still in Beta – I still rated this a 5 because, obviously, that will be resolved at some point.
    Obstacle avoidance – I’m putting this as a con because for some people. it will be. For me, I have been flying drones without obstacle avoidance, I don’t care about it, and I am glad I didn’t pay $100 more to include it.
    Zoom (photos) – Camera is using digital zoom and lowers photo resolution.
    Range – Still seems to be an issue for those wanting to push the boundaries of 2 miles. Yeah, it would be fun to fly this 2 miles away, but I can’t say I’d often do this. Keep in mind, this device uses wifi and will encounter interference around neighborhoods and other means of interference.
    Camera Lens – No one makes these that I can find, but this is a brand new product and not an issue with Parrot or the drone.

    Overall, I am glad I bought the Anafi over the Mavic Air as I fly this drone more and more. Highly recommended.

  • Very portable and easy to use for first-time drone flyer
    Having never flown a drone before, I was amazed with how easy the Anafi was to set up and fly right out of the box. For my needs, the video quality was excellent and the drone’s maneuverability was great but my highest praises are for the Freeflight 6 app. I’m on an iPhone so as of 7/5/2018, I’m still using the beta version of the app but it was incredibly user friendly. I guess I’m supposed to be able to use the "Follow Me" feature for free for the time being until the full app releases but that function seems to be locked. I’m not going to worry about it and just wait until it’s available for download. Sure, it’s $17.99 for in-app purchases like "Follow Me" but the drone is incredible for the price point it’s in so I’m fine with paying for extra features in the app.

    The drone itself is extremely portable. There is no need to really fuss with anything to get it up and going. I’d recommend this to anyone!

  • Awsome drone
    Great drone, I pre ordered and have been amazed with the performance so far, highly reccomended

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