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POWERbeast Avoidance 360%C2%B0Rotation Controlled Adjustment

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POWERbeast Avoidance 360%C2%B0Rotation Controlled Adjustment

  • Throw and Fly:Toss the drone for kids Gently in the air,it starts to fly and hover immediately.You don’t have to spend time on teaching children how to control and kids don’t need to practice skills.It’s the best “out of box ” kid gift for age 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10. ♥ Ideal kids christmas gifts.♥
  • Safe and Durable Kid Toy:The mini drone made of non-toxic and PP material that are flexible,lightweight and has tough collision resistance.It won’t cause hurt to your children and damage to itself by collisions.
  • Control By Gestures:When hands close to this drone,it will fly in the opposite direction.You can control directions or altitudes by your hands or gestures.Thanks to advanced Interactive Infrared Induction and hover technology.
  • Auto-Avoid Obstacles:Promptly detect surroundings and auto-manage flying leans,intelligently move away when it close to a solid object.Thanks to the built-in gyroscope can control accuracy and sensitivity to make balance,inductive suspension and collision protection,4 motor fast rotation to provide power to make itself 360°Rotating flying.It also won’t fly out of your sight because it is able to auto-landing once battery is low.Perfect fan toy for indoor and outdoor.
  • Speed Adjustment & LED Light Indicator:The drone has two kind of speed.Green Light for LOW speed and Blue light for Fast speed,you can switch a proper flying speed according spaces we play in.You can know battery’s life by red lights blinking.LED can light itself up when in dark or at night,easy for you or kids to chase,find and grab it.
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  • fun for all
    This little drone, zips and dive bombs all around , sometimes hovering, but always making a whiny mosquito sound.
    It charges with a USB cable (included) . It is very sturdy and shows no signs of breaking. We have only let it fly indoors because I am afraid it will land on the roof or in a tree if I take it outside. A ton of fun squeezed into a tiny UFO.
  • Totally user friendly
    Outstanding device for the price. Charges quickly and very easy to use. Two very young children used it immediately and got the hang of it in minutes. Loved and the adults present joined in. Great fun. Performs as advertised.
  • Great toy
    Bought this for my 4 years old birthday! Super fun right out of the box! Great buy!
  • Great Christmas gift!
    I bought this for my son for Christmas. The Powerbeast drone came quickly and is well packaged. I’m certain my 7 year old will love it. I really like that this drone is remote free. My 7 year old should have no problem controlling it. It appears to be well made and is quick and easy to charge. Great Christmas gift!
  • great gift to celebrate with a child you care about.
    Novadays every kiddo likes drones! So many they see on TV.
    I like a toy that is realistic, educational, and fun for kids. These particular toy is very well made. color is perfect, not noisy when flying. Just a little colorful copy of the real one.
    I think this is a quality toy that any child would be so happy to own and play with. Also could be considered a great gift to celebrate with a child you care about.
  • awesome toy for toddlers
    This is an awesome toy. Will keep kids of almost all ages pre-occupied. The auto sensors work kind of okay. They need to “sense” more so it can fly better and not hit into the side things. One major draw back is the battery. It lasts about 10-15 min non stop flying and it will need a complete charge. The cable is very specific/unique to this device so if you lose it, you won’t be able to charge it. It charges via USB so you can plug it into your laptop to charge. I would highly recommend getting this for your toddlers.

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