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Mary Meyer FabFuzz Elephant Plush

FabFuzz by Mary Meyer Mary Meyer toys have been around for over eighty years of big and little hugs, keeping companions close and well loved. With Mary Meyer every toy will become a cherished childhood companion. Mary Meyer has been making sustainable choices for years. It's been a natural way for a family to run a business in Vermont. As a company, Mary Meyer has always chosen to operate in ways that embrace and support their employees and families whenever possible. Since 1933 Mary Meyer has been making quality stuffed toys with the extra touches that show they care. The heart of the company is a family of people dedicated to producing beautiful, safe, stylish and educational toys from the best materials and finest designs.

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Cut Rope Plush Toy Backpack

If you love the game Cut the Rope, you'll love this little guy. He can keep you company while you play and you can eat all the candy! Yes, after invading the mobile game world on iPhone and Android, the Cut the Rope family is now invading the heart land of your daily life.

About the Cut the Rope Game
Cut the Rope is an award-winning game with over 55 million downloads. Cut the Rope plush bring the characters you love onscreen into your arms. Collect Om Nom, the adorable candy-eating character in this innovative, addicting fun game. Om Nom is available in various sizes and poses to enjoy while playing the game.

This series is made up of the items below (EACH SOLD SEPARATELY):
• BCC9H0X0-00222E91Q80 (Happy Om Nom ~5" Cut The Rope Mini-Plush)
• BCC9H02D-00222E91QK (Hungry Om Nom ~5" Cut The Rope Mini-Plush)
• BCC974ER-00222E9YN0 (Happy Om Nom: ~8" Cut The Rope Plush)
• BCC974E32-00222E9YM9 (Hungry Om Nom: ~8" Cut The Rope Plush)
• BCC974E25-00222E924085 (Happy Om Nom: ~2.5" Cut The Rope Mini-Plush Backpack Clip)
• BCC974E18-00222E924092 (Hungry Om Nom: ~2.5" Cut The Rope Mini-Plush Backpack Clip)
• BCC974E01-00222E919302 (Happy Om Nom: ~3" Cut The Rope Mini-Figure)
• BCC9747475-00222E9Y584 (Cut the Rope Metal Keychain (Om Nom, Spider, Candy))

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Super Mario Yoshi Plush Slipper

Super Mario Bros Yoshi Cosplay Adult Plush Shoes Slippers Qty: 1 pair Item Features:100% New Quality Slippers Unisex casual design Size: one size fits all Sole size: 11'' X 7.5'' Color: Pink Package includes:1 Pair of Slippers

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Fantasy Hand Puppets Kellytoy Dinosaur

These sweet fantasy creatures are hand puppets. They are made of the softest plush, and each measures about 10". They have black plastic eyes. The four puppets included are: Pink Unicorn White Pegasus Green Dragon Purple Dinosaur These are recommended for ages 3 and up. These fantasy creature puppets will give you hours of fun and encourage creativity and motor skills. They are from Kellytoy.

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Nic Nac Plush Giraffe 22

High quality plush animal. Proudly represents the realistic range of NIC NAC. From design to workmanship the product speaks it all. The style itself captures the interest of children with its soft appearance. All NIC NAC products are made in INDIA. Dimensions: 13"L x 5"W x 22"H From the Manufacturer: NICK NACK, the Indian manufacturer of NIC NAC is proudly associated with the INSTITUTE OF TOY MAKING TECHNOLOGY (ITMT), a unique Institute of its kind globally. This Institute trains women of India to make toys of international quality and provides them the platform to place their skills in front of the international toy industry. This state of the art training programme provides all the international facilities required to make the international level plush animals. The trained women get the opportunity to join the production unit and portray their skills to the world. This product shows the skills of the women of India which truly draws the attention of children as a playmate.

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