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Sassy 80051 Fascination Station

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Sassy 80051 Fascination Station
  • 2 toys in 1: Suction base for use on highchair or table surface, removable rotating toy for carry along
  • Spinning Ferris Wheel fascinates baby with spinning elements
  • Baby can bat at station to cause action
  • Multi-texture handle is great for mouthing
  • Fun activity toy for baby to interact with
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Fascination Station has numerous activities for baby to engage with. There are many unique textures, shapes and materials to differentiate. The spinning ball engages concept of cause-and-effect. 2 toys in 1: suction base for use on highchair or table surface, removable rotating toy for carry along. Each action creates a fun activity you and your baby can enjoy together!
  • Sassy
    I keep this at home, on the counter in front of her high chair, and take it with me when we dine out. I stick it on the table and she enjoys playing with it. She can pull it towards her to chew on the pieces, which I like, and she hasn’t been able to pull it out of the base yet, which surprises me because she is SUPER strong and has yanked up every suction plate made. We have gotten a lot of use out of this toy, one of the top 10 for sure.
  • worth every penny!!
    We puchased this in January 2011. My son is a year old now and is still playing with it! No problems with the suction cup, works great. We atttach the two pieces together with necklace that is a teether on a string, one product two jobs! We always take it when going out to eat, best thing ever. An item worth the money spent…. for sure.
  • Love love love
    These specific toys and this brand are exceptional for giving your child something complex to do while teaching visual and hand eye coordination. I have bought many different types of these and this toy and its brothers and sisters I have gotten are ALWAYS PLAYED WITH. Love love love!!
  • One of Our Favorites!
    This is one of my son’s favorite toys! He has enjoyed spinning it around since he was about 3 months old. He also loves chewing on it. The toy stays in it’s base well, and the suction part stays on the counter or high chair tray well. It can be wiped off easily. He’s 8 months old and still enjoys spinning it around while I get his food ready.
  • I use this on my sons high chair when he is just relaxing and sitting in it. It has a suction cup bottom, so it sticks to his hi
    I use this on my sons high chair when he is just relaxing and sitting in it. It has a suction cup bottom, so it sticks to his high chair tray perfectly! He loves to smack at it and play with it when he’s in his high chair. It is exactly what I was looking for to keep his attention. I got another toy just like this from Sassy and my son enjoys playing with both.
  • Great toy for many reasons!
    This toy is great for many reasons, it’s easy to clean and the rubber pad sticks to alot of different surfaces. We’ve found it to be a great going out to eat toy. Something to keep my little 1yr old occupied waiting for her food. It’s not cheap or flimsy, and it’s not noisy. Toddler and parent approved!
  • Perfect toy for infants
    Perfect toy for infants. We put it on our daughters high chair and it keeps her entertained while we make dinner. We don’t have to worry about her knocking it on the floor because of the suction cup. She especially likes to spin the colored ball and see her reflection.
  • Great!
    This sticks well. We put it on my son’s walker, highchair and booster seat to keep his occupied while I get things done around the house. When he can fully sit up on his own I will be sticking this to the kitchen floor to keep him occupied while doing dished or cooking.
  • Suction toy
    For babies who love to throw their toys off their walker or highchair, this is the toy for them. It has a suction cup underneath to attach it to the tray. The toy can still be removed by lifting it off the holder and can be attached to a troller.
  • Great toy for high chair!
    This suction cup toy was a great distraction for my baby when I needed her to sit still in her high chair for a bit as I prepped her food, it stayed stuck to the tray nicely and she enjoyed spinning it and bending it toward her mouth to eat. So glad I had this

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