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Skywalker Trampolines Mini Bouncer Enclosure

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Skywalker Trampolines Mini Bouncer Enclosure

  • Although not required by law, all Skywalker products are thoroughly tested for safety and durability; they meet or exceed all ASTM standards
  • Safety is our #1 priority which is why we switched out traditional springs for stretch bands to further protect the joints of young kids
  • Enclosure net sewn directly to jump mat, eliminating gaps
  • We stand behind our quality guarantee with our 3-year limited warranty on the frame and 1-year limited warranty on all other materials
  • This kids trampoline features a 360-degree padded handle bar that helps stabilize kids as they jump
  • This indoor trampoline is great for small spaces and keeping kids active through the year along with our teeter totter and swing sets
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  • A Fun Purchase for Little Bouncers
    This review is for the 48 inch round trampoline with enclosure.

    This was our first ever trampoline purchase. it was purchased with our 1 1/2 year old son in mind- although it was used by kids aged 1 1/2- 9 years old. It lasted from November 2014 until June 2016. The netting tore and the styrofoam covers for the metal bars tore as well. The trampoline was still useable after the tears, but we decided to call it quits and upgrade to the larger size. For the cost of the item, the amount of use it got, and the level of abuse it took, I was pleased with how long we were able to use it for before needing to replace it.

    The assembly of this trampoline took quite awhile to do. I gave up and walked away from it several times so I can’t really give an exact time frame. Having stumbled and cried my way through the assembly of it, I decided that I would have been smart to head over to YouTube. There are YouTube videos dedicated to explaining the assembly process . My recommendation to anyone with a short temper is to check one of those out before beginning.

    All of the necessary tools are included to assemble this, but I found that using a power drill speeds along the process.

    After this bad boy is assembled, your kids will all try to crowd in at once to jump. It supported the weight of my 3 kids- aged 1 1/2- 10 1/2, but the suggested and safe max weight to use this is 100lbs. It wasn’t all too much fun for all 3 to be in because it didn’t leave any of them room to maneuver.
    Ideally, this trampoline works well for 1 person at a time, but it can comfortably accommodate up to 2 children with a combined weight of 100lbs or under. I had two 2 year olds in it at the same time which worked quite well. My small 8 1/2 year old could bounce on it just fine, but it wasn’t very entertaining for him.
    Children who are still working on balance will get use out of the bar that circles around the interior perimeter of the trampoline netting. The bar is sturdy enough for a child to hold onto whilst jumping without causing the trampoline to tip. Children might be tempted to grab onto the netting while bouncing, but I would discourage this as the netting will tear when enough pressure is applied. I’ve never had it tear when the children fall into the sides, but it has torn when the older kids grab onto it for balance when jumping up and down.

    This trampoline uses bungee cords in lieu of springs. Not having springs means no pinched fingers or toes, but it also means sacrificing a bit of the bounce that you’d get from a typical trampoline with springs . Since we bought this trampoline with our toddler in mind, we feel that the bungee cords were the better choice for us. If we were looking for our tween and teenager, we’d for sure look for a trampoline with springs.
    Our toddler has slammed himself all around on the trampoline and has never gotten hurt. I feel the styrofoam covers over the metal bars provide enough cushioning to prevent the sting that would happen if you smacked up on a bare metal bar.
    Because we bought our trampoline for indoor use, we found the small footprint of the 48inch to be the perfect size. Our second trampoline purchase was the skywalker 60inch trampoline which- although better for older and multiple kids- is not ideal for keeping in our child’s bedroom. The 48 inch (this particular trampoline) comfortably fit into a corner section of my son’s bedroom. If you’re deciding between the two, I would say that the 48inch was suitable for 2 small children but ideally for 1 small child (I would say 5 and under). If your hopes are to use this with multiple children or for children who are 5 and up, I would say that the 60inch is a better choice for you. And although I do enjoy the smaller footprint of the 48inch, the 60inch is still manageable for indoor use.

    I’m including a picture to compare the sizes of the Skywalker 48inch round trampoline and the Skywalker 60 inch round trampoline. The pic shows my 3 year old son and my 10 year old son.

  • Perfect for energetic toddlers
    Perfect for energetic toddlers!
    I bought these for my 2 and 3 year old boys for their birthdays. This was everything I was expecting. For the price, I was willing to buy it now and replace it after a few months. We’ve been using it for 2 months now, and the only tear is about softball sized above the tail end of the zipper.
    1) I love love love the bar around the middle- that’s why I bought this one over all others I saw. My boy at 1.5 on a friend’s trampoline needed the bar to keep from falling, and to feel more secure. He doesn’t use this one like I thought when he turned 2- BUT when they fall backwards (all the time) it takes the pressure of the net to catch them and resteady themselves
    2) I love love love the safety net underneath- my biggest fear with trampolines- kids go underneath and get injured. This prevents that. We needed additional screws to secure it (there are holes there already) but definitely worth securing the net underneath.
    3) This thing is so quiet!!! The "springs" are actually elastic- so it doesn’t have the loud metal spring sound. Ours creaks now from the poles moving about- but I think still much less than an outdoor trampoline (which is awesome for my living room!)
    4) just buy it, it’s awesome.
  • Love it!!
    This trampoline is perfect for my 2.5 yr old son. We have a small apartment with a large patio, which is where we put it. As a girl, I am proud to say I put it together in about 2.5 hours all by myself, the instructions were writtwn poorly, but I understood them just fine. Things looked a bit wobbly in the middle of assembly, but came together nice and sturdy and the size os perfect. (Be patient while putting the middle ring together) Glad we got it!
  • They love this! They are two and four and 1/2
    I bought this for my two grand kids that live in a cold state. Oh my! They love this! They are two and four and 1/2. I was going to buy them a small bounce house but felt they were too large. (maybe next year though! ;-)). I looked at the 40 inch ones but felt like this extra size allowed them to sometimes jump together, although for being so young, they do like to take turns jumping. I guess the best review I can give this is, my daughter called me to say she could hear Caty yelling from the playroom. when she went in to check on her, she was jumping and yelling out "Thank you Grammy! Thank you Grammy!" Guess that says it all! Highly recommend!
  • Just Keep Jumping
    More importantly our daughter loves it. She just jumps and jumps (especially when I say "Once you stop jumping it’s time for bed") Great purchase for the size and function. She has bumped the back of her head on the bottom ring under the red pad but she’s pretty sturdy.

    Update 5-4-15: The netting has torn above where the zipper attaches. The zipper should really go all the way up to the center of the netting so there’s a place where it is secured better. We also had to wrap the padding on the posts with some decorative duct tape to hold it together.

  • Great christmas gift
    Good: my 3 year old girl loves it. She wakes up and shouts jump jump while running to her trampoline. Handlebars for easy sturdy jumping. There is nothing for her to hurt herself on. It helps her find her coordination.

    Bad: the instructions are missing a step about lining up the net, its seriously easier to read the instructions backwards. So go ahead and start on the last page.

    I bought this for $56 on dec 15 2015 its now dec 29 and the price is now $98 so im happy i bought it when i did.

    There are photos from another user stating they need a recall, that person did not properly connect the bars together resulting in torn fabric with metal bars sticking out. My daughter has torn off some of her blue safety foam that wraps around the metal. If you need to replace it, its pipe insulation that can be picked up from homedepot for very cheap.

  • Great for indoors
    Perfect size for in the house. An early Christmas gift for my 3 year old. He loves to jump and has tons of energy, so this was the perfect solution. The netting keeps him contained so he can jump without falling and getting hurt, the padded bars inside offer a place to hang on to while jumping.

    Update: If you have any issues with your trampoline, be sure to contact the manufacturer! They responded super fast and have a replacement part being shipped to me. Took less than 24 hours to get a response and process the warranty claim.

  • Get your kid to sleep with this ingenious toy!
    Fact: every kid loves to bounce. After tons of research, I chose this one because of its smaller footprint (I have mine in the living room). I was worried that it might be too small for my 2 yr old to have fun but it is the perfect size for her. She can easily hold on to the rails to keep her balance while jumping super high and she feels secure on bouncing with no hands while being able to easily grab the rails if she loses her balance. The netting provides more security of she falls because it keeps her contained within the unit.

    Added bonus: if your toddler refuses to go to sleep at bedtime, just let him bounce for 10 minutes while you handle your chores. The little rascal will pass out shortly afterwards!

  • Put it together correctly are you’re golden!!
    After reading the negative reviews about this, I decided I needed to write a positive one! We’ve had this for 2 months now and are not having any issues with it. There’s no tearing of the net, there’s no tipping of the unit; I don’t know what other people’s children do in this trampoline, but it is made for jumping. My 2yo daughter holds the rail and jumps, she jumps with no hands, she lands on her butt, spins and jumps. There are zero issues with it. The zipper enclosure is perfect, and we added a cushy dog bed right outside it so she can tumble out when she’s done. The only possible negative on this, are the instructions. They suck ok…it will take you almost an hour to put it together CORRECTLY. I’m guessing people are having issues with theirs because they were not properly built, so let’s take that into consideration please. It doesn’t make it a horrible product because you can’t put it together right!
  • Perfect for inside Skywalker Trampolines Mini Bouncer Enclosure
    This is total fun for my 18 month old! Well she was 18 months old when she got it from Santa! She loves to jump inside it, the only thing is she hates when I zip it up which is pretty much necessary to keep the jumping safe. As she is 22 months old now she is getting more used to the zipper and knows that when she wants out I will immediately come unzip it! It is the perfect size to keep inside as well!

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