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Star Right Blank Assorted Colors

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Star Right Blank Assorted Colors

  • GET ORGANIZED: The color of flashcards comes with five metal ring that can easily be slipped through the hole punched cards, making sure that no card becomes lost, flipped over, or out of order. It makes traveling and your notes on the fridge easy and fun!
  • PLAY GAMES: Flashcards make it easy for numbers to be a fun and exciting game, whether in school, at home, or on the go! Try playing games or engaging memory challenges. You can even get creative and use the flash cards to make stories on the fly.
  • ASSORTED COLORS: Orange, pink, green, yellow, and blue help to categorize subjects, assist memory, and make things lively and fun! You may also complete your college and school supplies with these colored notecards.
  • PACKAGE INCLUDES: 1000 blank flash cards in assorted colors (size 2”x3”) with 5 metal binder rings.
  • ABOUT US:The team behind Star Right knows the importance of education and wants your child to develop by using new and exciting techniques of learning. We believe that fun and learning go hand-in-hand and have made our products in this reflection.
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  • Portable!
    Love these flash cards! Word on one side and an example sentence of word usage on the flip side. I’m able to carry these in my mom bag for down time moments while running errands or just waiting for our turn (ER, Dr. Office, post office, restaurants). I bought these for my 5yr old and he has 75% memorized now. I love that they come with two rings! You’re able to organize them according to knowledge. No need to repeat words they know. Cards have big bold print and while they are not flimsy they are not bullet proof either. You can wipe off spills/grubby fingerprints. So far none have ripped off the ring, which has surprised me with how much abuse the cards get (4 boys ages 3-9 years of age). My older sons enjoy quizzing him and it can get wild. We’ve come up with a speed game that gets loud/borderline obnoxious but it’s educational so I can’t complain.
  • Absolutely love this product
    Absolutely love this product. The rings make it easy to keep up with the cards and are perfect for road trips. They are sturdy and the black and white don’t distract from the words. Unlike other flash cards where the pictures pretty much tell them what the word is and they really don’t learn phonetically. My grandchildren are learning new words and that’s always amazing!
  • Wonderful sight-word flashcards for Aphasia patient
    My husband, who is over 80 years old, had a major stroke which affected his speech and reading capabilities. The flashcards are perfect for him to identify commonly used words, so he can build up his reading skills. He says the words out loud, and reads the words on the back of the cards, in the context of a sentence. I then cover one word, and I have him substitute any word he can think of to complete the thought. We then move on to reading short paragraphs in a third grade comprehension workbook. He recognizes the sight words from the flashcards, and is able to more easily read actual informative sentences. It seems the little words like “the”, “is”, “here”, “where” etc, are the hardest for him. I love the fact that these flash cards are on rings. They are so easy to store and use. We love to use them.
  • Sturdy, durable
    Very sturdy. This is for my first (of 4) son who is learning new words all the time. I wanted them to be durable enough to last until boy #4 needs them! Star Right Blank Assorted Colors they seem like they will. And the 2 rings that come with it are nice too. The only complaint I have (and I don’t know if all the boxes are like this or if I got a messed up one) is that over 1/2 of the cards have the words in a different direction that the others. So we have to turn the cards 180° to read them in the same order as the others. Not the end of the world as I have 2 rings to keep them separate. I would buy again or refer people to these.
  • Forget about the other flashcards brands!
    These are so great! Durable stock, the rings keep them all together instead of scattered everywhere and lost.

    Love that the sight word is used in a sentence on the back reinforcing all sight words.

    My grandaughter is in the 1st grade and took the original set home w her, so I’m getting another set for my house.

  • These are great, they are just flash cards nothing too fancy …
    These are great, they are just flash cards nothing too fancy but they will do their thing…Only issue was with the word First, the F and the i was blended together and the dot on the i was missing. Otherwise my kid quite enjoys these, she’s 5 and in Kindergarten.
  • Flash cards for sight word learning needs
    These flash cards are extremely helpful for my 7 year old grandson. It’s so nice to have these nicely formulated cards over the old way of making them yourself with 3 x 5 cards. I highly recommend them to support learning sight words.
  • High quality and comprehensive
    Yes, these are on the pricey aide for flash cards, but they’re very sturdy and simple. There are also more than in most standard sets. The rings are a nice addition! I’ve been frustrated by the gimmicky flash cards out there with pictures and the phone apps don’t do it. These saved me at least a weekend of card writing, so I’m a fan.
  • Great flash cards!
    These flash cards worked great for helping my son practice his reading skills!! The cards and ring are good quality and I like that these flash cards are on a ring because I don’t have to worry about them getting scattered everywhere when he wants to look through them on his own.
  • Great purchase
    These are really fantastic. Excellent quality and includes all the common sight words required by K/1st grade. I like that a ring clip is included as I can just put those sight words my daughter has been introduced to and then build up as we go along.

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