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Star Wars Black 6 inch Figure

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Star Wars Black 6 inch Figure

  • Detailed, 6-inch scale Han Solo figure from Solo: A Star Wars Story
  • Premium design and detail
  • Expand and enhance Star Wars collection (Additional products sold separately)
  • Includes figure and accessory
  • Ages 4 and up
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  • Star Wars The Black Series Han Solo
    The internet seems pretty split on Alden Ehrenreich as a young Han Solo. From what I’ve seen in the trailers, I think he’ll be fine. No one’s going to replace Harrison Ford as Solo, so one should not expect Alden to be a perfect Han Solo. Impossible boots to fill. We have no idea if this iteration of Han will be a Prince of Corellia, or what they’ve changed to the character since the middle 90’s of EU comics and novels. But like any new star wars film. I’m walking into this with only one expectation “to have fun”. This doesn’t need to break new ground or redefine the character or out do previous Star Wars films. I just want a fun action adventure in the Star Wars universe and this is what Solo: A Star Wars Story looks like. Right off the bat I like this character design, granted I think it’s odd that he has his striped Captain Pants already, I’ve basically been dressing the same since my early twenties to now so it tracks. I like the black shirt to change things up, Han’s leather jacket looks cool, this is a really great Han Solo figure. Hasbro is utilizing UV face printing, which it seems that’s the direction most of the industry is going. It makes for far less qc issues and a more realistic look to any figure. This figure isn’t loaded with accessories but he comes with the one I think all Han fans would expect, his DL-44 Blaster, and it holsters nicely into his gun belt.

    If you’re excited for Solo: A Star Wars Story, grab yourself a young Han Solo, for $19 this is a pretty incredible figure. Paint applications are fantastic, the face printing, the dirty wash over the leather jacket, the articulation is solid per usual. I haven’t played around with trying to switch out heads for a previously released Han but that might be doable. By itself this is a great action figure but when paired with Lando and Qi’Ra, this looks even better. If Solo: A Star Wars Story doesn’t interest you, I guess that may save you some money if you’re a Black Series collector and want to skip these. Though I think Han, Lando, Qi’Ra and the Range Trooper will make for great fodder if you want to cannibalize and customize your own figures. For those like me who are eagerly awaiting Solo: A Star Wars Story, this is a must own and comes FULLY APPROVED.

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