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Star Wars Electronic Discontinued Manufacturer

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Star Wars Electronic Discontinued Manufacturer

  • Movie-accurate appearance
  • Simulates classic lights and sounds
  • Customizable with other BladeBuilders (sold separately)
  • Includes: Lightsaber
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  • These light sabers are very sturdy, have excellent sounds and light up nicely

     I bought a green, blue and red light saber for my three kids as Easter presents. Today is Easter 2016, so they have been playing with them for just a few hours. These light sabers are very sturdy, have excellent sounds and light up nicely! When you push the button it lights up and you hear the startup swoosh sound and then the distinct electrical hum. When you wave it around the hum sound changes pitch just like in the movies. When you hit something with your light saber it sounds like the signature clashing, sparking and electrical spitting sounds. When you push the button again you hear the turning off swoosh sound and the light turns off. It uses three AAA batteries. The telescoping color part of the blade doesn’t retract fully into the handle. The handle is about 9 to 10 inches and the blade sticks out around 9 to 10 inches from the handle depending on which color light saber you buy. It is 19 inches long from the bottom of the handle to the tip of the blade when retracted, but extends to 32-1/4 inches long when fully extended. Here is a tip for you: If you hold the middle section of the telescoping blade with one hand and twist and push down the tip section with your other hand and then hold the bottom section and twist and push down the middle section, it will be easier to retract that way. I like that you have to do this because that means when the blade is extended, it stays extended during play and shouldn’t retract accidentally. It is fun for kids, yes, but fun for adults too! Since I bought three, I discovered you can put two light sabers, handle to handle, to have a double light saber like Darth Maul had. That is fun and they snap or lock into place making it very secure. Just push a little button in the connector piece (color matched to your blade color) to release, then turn and pull to disconnect. I have included a short video of my three kids battling each other in the dark so you can see how they look and sound! You know you want this… take it from me… they are awesome so just buy it already!!

  • Awesome toy
    The sounds that this makes are surprisingly realistic, and the light is decent. It turns itself off automatically after a period of time, so no worries about a child leaving it on forever and draining the batteries. The only issue we have is that we only have one lightsaber, so we can’t have any duels yet. Star Wars Electronic Discontinued Manufacturer
  • You won’t be disappointed.
    After searching for a light saber that extended, light up, and made light saber sounds we found this and it is exactly what was expected. Maybe even higher quality. You won’t be disappointed.
  • Rey’s light saber is best light saber
    After months of searching, we’ve finally found Rey’s (and Luke’s before her, and Anakin’s before the both of them) blue light saber! The lights and sounds are cool, the hand grip on the hilt is good, and the battery lasts a good long time. Compared to the other Hasbro lights-and-sounds light sabers we’ve owned, the telescoping feature seems to be better-constructed, and doesn’t loosen as easily with use. Just be careful not to buy this for more than the retail (~$30). Amazon’s third party sellers really like to price gouge!
  • Works great on younglings!
    Amazing deal for such a fun toy! Just make sure you pick up 3 AAA batteries so you can start slaying some wannabe Sith, or Tusken Raiders, or younglinings, lots of younglings– NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!
  • A great saber with all the sounds effects of the real thing to get the imagination going.
    it’s perfect for the young in’s, it just the right length for a kid to extend and collapse and it makes all the realistic sound effects even on contact,
    and its great the you can join two sabers together at the ends.
    This is not a Cosmo sword, its a toy and it does not completely collapse back down into the blade compartment.
    I bought this for my child after seeing the Star Wars movies and its perfect for ages 4 – 7
  • Perfect
    First off the product arrived very quickly. My 8 yr old daughter mentioned that it was the best gift ever, she has yet to put it down. It’s sound effects and light are a great feature. The sounds mimic the actual sounds in the movie and whenever an object is hit, it mimics that sound as well. The only problem is I was told by my husband that I should’ve bought one for all of this will be well loved for years to come.
  • Awesome lights & sounds!
    We ordered this green electronic lightsaber for my 8 year old son, to go with his Yoda costume for Halloween. I like that it lights up with the press of a button, and it is very bright in the dark. It takes 3 AAA batteries, which were a little difficult to put in, but we managed.

    The sound & lights turn on/off with the same button. When it is on, there are different sounds for different motions – one sound when you move the lightsaber around, and another sound when the lightsaber makes contact with something. There is also a sound for "turning on" and a sound for "turning off" the lightsaber. This makes it very fun to use!

    It is part of the Bladebuilder system, which means it has a bright green connector piece, that can be used to connect it to other Bladebuilder pieces sold separately.

    I wish it would retract completely so that no green is showing, but the bottom section of the green lightsaber cannot be fully retracted into the silver handle. The top 2 green sections of the lightsaber do retract into the bottom green section.

    Overall my son is very happy, and I am too!

  • Cool durable lightsaber with varying noise with motion. Consider Kylo Ren lightsaber for more fun.
    Integrated motion sensor is fantastic.
    It varies the lightsaber sound as one swings it.
    Pretty cool.

    And the durability is good.
    I have read reviews where kids broke it.
    But it would have to be swung pretty hard on a hard surface to break it.
    I imagine boys would have no problem breaking these.

    It’s a fun toy and good lightsaber.
    Personally, the Kylo Ren saber is more fun as it makes more impact in looks and noise.

  • Great Quality Toy
    Wow! I purchased this sword for my grandson, for his birthday. He was over the moon with it. The sword is well made, and had all the appropriate sounds, when turned on. The package was delivered promptly. I did have difficulty opening the box it was delivered in, so I wrapped the whole thing. My grandson however, tore through the box in no time at all. "Darth Vader" is his favorite character in the Star Wars movie.

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