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Viper Underground 2 Piece Billiard Raven

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Viper Underground 2 Piece Billiard Raven
  • Constructed from quality hard Canadian Maple wood and features edgy tattoo style graphics down the length of the cue
  • Designed with a 2-piece billiard cue, allowing for easy transportation and storage
  • Features lightweight stainless joints which help provide consistent feedback during play
  • Each billiard cue is finished off with a 13mm Le Pro leather tip, faux-leather wrap and a traditional rubber bumper
  • Available in 18-21 ounce cue weights, offering a customizable assortment
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  • Nice and feels solid
    We like this. Nice and solid pool stick for a reasonable price. Not a huge fan of the pattern, and wish there had been other pattern choices. We have a recreational table and do not play professionally.Read more
  • Great Cue for the price!
    Graphics were a nice touch but the quality of the cue is what stands out. Everything fits precisely and the cue is in perfect shape. Plays very well. I have other more expensive cue’s and I think this strikes just as well. Great buy.Read more
  • Great pool cue
    I received The Dragon instead of the Raven and I know there is another review here with the same issue. Seems like this happens more than usual. However, if the Dragon is of similar quality, it is a great pool cue.Read more
  • Good buy for the money
    For the price, this is a good cue. I generally prefer a softer tip but other than that, it’s nice. The graphics on it are clean. The faux leather print type handle looks a bit cheap but over all it’s just a good functional cue.Read more
  • This cue is perfect for me as someone who just enjoys playing
    This cue is perfect for me as someone who just enjoys playing. Decent beginners cue and the grip is very nice. The tip was shaped perfectly only needed a little conditioning to hold chalk better otherwise ready to go.Read more
  • good buy👍
    Awesome product 👍 not a professional but I do play enough that I do need my own cue. Great for the price. No issues. Cue came in good conditionRead more
  • LOVE it / $150
    LOVE it / $150.00 pool stick for 1/5 the price. I am all over this. I have bought two. Still going for more at this price??? Will buy more until they find out they are pricing them to low.Read more
  • Good stick and fast delivery
    Good stick and fast delivery. Tip way too hard and unusable really. But with a new tip, this cue will be worth 3 times the price. Definitely satisfied.Read more

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