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WowWee Fingerlings Monkey Green Multicolor

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WowWee Fingerlings Monkey Green Multicolor

  • My name is Jess and my mini BFF is Eden!
  • Fingerlings Baby Monkeys respond to sound, motion and touch with blinking eyes, head turns and silly babble.
  • Blow them kisses and they’ll kiss you back!
  • Hold them upside down, rock them to sleep or make loud noises to see how they react!
  • Includes a bonus mystery mini with a rare rating. Collect them all!
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  • Five Stars
    so adorable…i love it…not just my granddaughter.
  • Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of bright green neon finger monkeys.
    You know what I was doing the other day? I was strolling about town and caught my reflection in the display window or a downtown specialty soap store. In a moment of existential panic, I really saw myself for what I was. The monocle, the neck beard, the top hat, the 3 button vest with pinstripes straining from the girth of my waistline. In that moment, I said "Quasar Evenstar, What is thou doing with thyself?" I held back tears as my furtive appearance must have raised quite the scandal in front of that main street soap shop. It was at that moment when I realized that I needed a new accessory in my life, one that would be bright, colorful, and attract children to me like moths to a flame. So, happening upon a toy store nearby, I found exactly what I had been looking for : A bright, neon colored monkey, with a bonus monkey attached to its tail, that literally clings to my finger!!!! What rapturous joy I experienced upon finding this! My squeals of joy must have caught a lot of attention, but mind I did not!. Now, drinking $15 dollar coffee is no longer the mundane experience it once was. I now have a cute little primate who makes it a fun, boisterous affair. When I take my weekly shower, this silly little primate and his little buddy helps get me good and get ready for my Renaissance conventions! So next time you feel a little lonely, a little sad WowWee Fingerlings Monkey Green Multicolor think about investing in a bright neon finger monkey. It may very well change your life.

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